Hungarian Team Championship

Hungarian Team Championship

The 22nd Hungarian Team Championships came to an exciting conclusion last weekend. The tournament saw the top four teams compete in two intense rounds for the prestigious title of Hungarian Champion Team. 

The competition consisted of two stages: the semifinals and the final. While the top two teams from the Budapest Teams Championship secured their spots in the final, the remaining two teams had to earn their place in the semifinals. 

The semi-finals were open to the teams that finished 3rd to 6th in the Budapest Championship and the top four teams from the Regional Championship. In the first stage of the semifinals, the eight teams were split into two sections, each engaging in a full round-robin format. This determined the top two teams from each section, who then progressed to the play-offs to determine the finalists. 

Congratulations to the Angels team for their remarkable victory and for winning the prestigious title of Hungarian Team Champions! 

OCSB final 2024 1

Péter Trenka, Zsolt Argay, Márk Kemény, György Kemény

For those interested in the detailed results, you can find them on the following links: