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Summary:  the complete digital bridge solution, for face-to-face tournaments 

Designed for: regional, national and international tournaments 

LoveBridge One is a complete system that combines all the essential elements of bridge tournament organisation, such as cards, bidding boxes, scoring, and result publication, into a single product. It provides controllable, live online streaming of all tablets involved in the tournament. In addition, LoveBridge provides players with valuable data on aspects of their gameplay through its advanced recording system and statistics module by capturing all tournament moments, including timestamps. 

Choosing LoveBridge One package, we will provide you with a personalized offer tailored to your organization’s needs. This means fully organized tournaments with all the benefits that LoveBridge offers.  Depending on the size of the event and your technical capabilities, we can bring our staff and equipment (tablets, local server, router and even internet access) or it can be run by our cloud-based server in which case your trained staff conducts the tournament on your own/rented equipment with remote support from our staff. 

  • personalized offer according to needs  
  • fully organized tournaments  
  • on-site or remote support 
  • live streaming on Vugraph 
  • archive for every board ever played  
  • play analysis with DDS 
  • personal bidding and playing statistics 
  • training for organisers  
  • written and video guides for preparing tournaments  


    USBF, Zone 6 Trials, Hungarian Bridge Federation, FFB, Spanish Bridge Federation 

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