We provide a clean and reliable solution for everyone who organizes bridge tournaments.

We want bridge to march through the 21st century. We believe that technology is to serve people. We believe that competitive bridge is to be played at the table.

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We offer all the advantages of the digital age, while the players still play in the clubs.

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The LoveBridge system is the future of bridge. It provides the most significant advantages of technology, while maintaining face to face interaction.

LoveBridge system is a nice solution how to prevent cheating and most importantly to make a full record of all players which can be used both for spectators and for later analysis of boards.

Lovebridge is the best thing that happened to bridge during the last decades. It brings bridge to the modern era, easy to use with several excellent new features, both for club and tournament bridge.

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  • Free training
  • Unlimited players
  • Live streaming on Vugraph
  • Cloud or local server
  • Remote support on Events

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  • Unlimited players
  • Live streaming on Vugraph
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There are some events where the participants must meet some special criteria to register, such as mixed, senior etc. There is a tournament in Budapest with a very special criteria...



After a seemingly endless break in live play due to the COVID-19 pandemic finally there was a bridge tournament in Hungary. The 50th Miners’ Cup was held in Tatabánya, and for better safety the organizers decided to play the competition on tablets...