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LoveBridge One is a complete system that combines all the essential elements of bridge tournament organisation, such as cards, bidding boxes, scoring, and result publication, into a single product. It provides controllable, live online streaming of all tablets involved in the tournament. In addition, LoveBridge provides players with valuable data on aspects of their gameplay through its advanced recording system and statistics module by capturing all tournament moments, including timestamps. 

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This product is the perfect solution for clubs, where one-round competitions are played on a daily/weekly basis. By using LoveBridge Club, you can save all the costs related to cardplay: cards, boards, bidding boxes, dealing machine and scoring. Our clean user interface allows organisers to generate pairs tournaments with just a few clicks. Additionally, we provide live streaming and an online archive for every board played with LoveBridge on a designated website. This makes reviewing and analysing boards after a tournament easier and more efficient for players. Furthermore, each player will receive a free personal account on our statistics site, where they can access valuable information about their play.  

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Our Bid+Score product is an ideal solution for tournament organizers who wish to keep playing with real cards, yet integrated with the streamlined and error-free environment offered by our digital systems.  Bidding on a tablet ensures that no unauthorized information is exchanged between players, and all bidding details, including the time spent on each bid, are accurately recorded. Additionally, there’s no need for a separate scoring device, as players can conveniently record the results on the tablet once the hand is completed.  

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