LoveBridge One

What people and expertise are required to operate the system at the tournaments?

For tournament organizers, we provide online meetings, written guides, and video tutorials to learn how to operate the system, so no specific expertise is required. An example of the required number of people: To prepare a tournament of 32 tables it takes 1,5h for 2 people (setting up the tablet stands, cleaning the screen of the tablets, setting up and turning on the devices, putting pens on the tables) – quite similar time and amount of work as if the tournament was played with pre-dealt boards and Bridgemates.

Is it possible to broadcast the tournaments?

Broadcasting the tournaments is automatic via the Lovebridge Vugraph site, and any of the tables/matches can be commented on Twitch, YouTube or any other platform.

What equipment is required to operate a LoveBridge tournament?

For long-term use the necessary equipment is the following:

  1. Tablets for participating players and TDs
  2. Tablet stands for players’ tablets
  3. A laptop for accessing the administration site
  4. And a server
    1. (recommended) We prepare a cloud-based server for you that you can access with your laptop, and you’ll need a stable internet connection that is able to provide a good connection for numerous
    2. Or you can get a local server with a good local network.
      • Pro: the tablets are only connected to the network and have no access to the internet at all, BUT you also need internet for the Vugraph if you would like to broadcast (then only the server is connected to the internet)
      • Con: updates are not available for local servers, this way bug fixes will be hard to manage

If you only want our services for single occasions, then you can also rent this equipment from us.

What are the relevant differences in the pricing options for Tournament Solution - LoveBridge One, and provide reasons why it might be worthwhile to purchase and install the tablets?

In the long run, it will make a difference if you plan to use the LoveBridge system for multiple occasions. If you choose to need our constant on-site help for many single occasions and rent our equipment, you will need to pay the setup fee before each session, the daily on-site support fee, and our staff’s travel and accommodation costs.

While renting may be worth it for a few events, if you plan to host many tournaments with LoveBridge, it may be more cost-effective to purchase the tablets and learn how to set them up by yourself. This way, you will only require some online support from us, which will be less expensive.

We would like to play face-to-face, but we need a record of the bids made and cards played (for trials), is that possible with your system?

Yes, this is the main focus of LoveBridge, to keep the face-to-face competitions and provide broadcast, archive and statistics of every movement at the tables.


Will players also get statistics this way, even though the actual gameplay involves using cards?

Yes, they will, but the statistics will be about their bidding, opening leads and result, not about their gameplay.


How is an event set up?

When you set up an event, you will use the administration site, where you can simply set the parameters of your tournaments, register the participants, and once the tournament is running, you will be able to see all the necessary information there.


Is there a way to show played cards when watching vugraph?

You can change to diagram view in the upper left corner of the screen. In that view, you will see the already played cards as well.


How can I see my statistics?

Once you complete your first LoveBridge tournament, the statistics profiles will be generated automatically. Afterwards, you can request your account details by sending an email to [email protected]. You can then access your account by logging in at

Can I enlarge the card and numbers on the tablets in the settings?

Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for that. If you have poor eyesight and are planning to participate in a LoveBridge tournament, we recommend that you contact the organizers to ensure that you are provided with a device that has a large screen. It is up to them to make accommodations for players with poor vision.

Is it possible to have a short practice on the platform before we have to use it in a LoveBridge tournament?

LoveBridge was designed to be played at face-to-face tournaments and bridge clubs, this way playing is only possible at venues that have been equipped for it. We do not have an online platform where players can play against each other.

In our experience, players who have prior experience with any digital platforms will have no difficulty using our tablets Most players adapt very quickly to LoveBridge and will find that it is a very similar experience to playing at a regular tournament with cards.

 If you are concerned about adapting to the interface, we suggest trying it out during the practice sessions at the venue of the tournament. Typically, there is at least one practice session available.

Currently, we have active bridge clubs in Hungary, Malta and equipment installed for trial use in Germany, France and Finland. You can contact them or us if you still feel it is necessary to have live practice.