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Summary: the optimal digital bridge solution with cards, for face-to-face tournaments 

Designed for: regional, national and international tournaments  

Our Bid+Score product is an ideal solution for tournament organizers who wish to integrate physical card play with the streamlined and error-free environment offered by digitalization.  Bidding on a tablet ensures that no unauthorized information is exchanged between players, and all bidding details, including the time spent on each bid, are accurately recorded. Additionally, there’s no need for a separate scoring device, as players can conveniently record the results on the tablet once the hand is completed.  

The LoveBridge Bid+Score environment is similar to the LoveBridge One system, but without the actual gameplay. This package is also personalized to meet your specific needs, and we will provide you with a fully organized event. Even though there is no actual gameplay, our system still provides players with statistics about their bidding and results compared to other participants.

To use the LoveBridge system, you’ll need tablets, a laptop, and a stable Wi-Fi network. At first, we can bring our staff, server, tablets, and equipment, then for subsequent tournaments, you can fully run your tournaments with your own/rented devices and our cloud-based server. Training, documentation and video guides are available to help you with this process. 

  • tablets with bidding and scoring 
  • fully organized tournaments  
  • on-site or remote support 
  • personal bidding statistics 


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