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Summary: the complete digital bridge solution, for face-to-face club bridge 

Designed for: clubs

This package is the perfect solution for clubs, where one-round competitions are played on a daily/weekly basis. Our clean user interface allows you to generate pairs tournaments with just a few clicks. Additionally, we provide live streaming and an online archive for every board played with LoveBridge on a designated website. This makes reviewing and analyzing boards after a tournament easier and more efficient for players. Furthermore, each player will receive a free personal account on our statistics site, where they can access valuable information about their play.  

The LoveBridge system requires tablets, a laptop, and a stable Wi-Fi network to function. While this may seem a lot at first, LoveBridge eliminates most of the time-consuming human work needed for a traditional club day, such as generating boards on a dealing machine and managing boards during sessions. Additionally, you will never have to replace old cards, bidding boxes, boards, and not even Bridgemates or dealing machines. If purchasing all the necessary tablets at once seems like a burden, you can also rent them from us. Please contact us for more information on the terms and conditions of tablet-renting.

  • live streaming on Vugraph  
  • single-round pairs tournaments 
  • archive for every board ever played 
  • play analysis with DDS 
  • personal bidding and playing statistics
  • written and video guides for preparing tournaments.  

Palatinus Club (Budapest, Hungary), Malta Union Club (Sliema, Malta) 

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