English Bridge Union uses Bid+Score

English Bridge Union uses Bid+Score

We are happy to share that the English Bridge Union also decided to invest in their own equipment for tournaments with the LoveBridge system. After a short period of email exchanges and online meetings, the EBUS’s organizing team was ready for their first tournament with the LoveBridge. 

Their Pairs Trials in preparation for the 2024 European Open National Teams Championships took place in the middle of January with the LoveBridge Bid+Score system. The event smoothly with only remote support from us. 

Congratulations to both the organizers and the players!  

Click on the link below to see the results: 


French Division Nationale 1

French Division Nationale 1

The finals of the French Division Nationale recently took place in Paris from January 12th to 14th. Hosted at the FFB headquarters using their own LoveBridge tablets and the LoveBridge Bid + Score system. With intense semifinals and the captivating final, the event provided spectators with an exhilarating experience. Additionally, the live broadcast throughout the whole event on Twitch, featuring expert commentary from renowned players, further enhanced the excitement surrounding the competition. 

 The results during the semifinals were often remarkably close, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the matches.  By the end, Zimmerman and Soulet emerged victorious from the two matches and progressed to the final. 

Paris 2024 1 2

In the finals, the Zimmerman team demonstrated their exceptional powers and took an early lead after the second round. Despite their best efforts, the other team failed to improve the gap and eventually decided to withdraw from the match before the final round.   

A heartfelt congratulations to the Zimmerman team for their outstanding performance and well-deserved victory! 

Polish Premier League uses Bid+Score

Polish Premier League uses Bid+Score

We are thrilled to share that the 23/24 Polish Premier League is also utilizing the LoveBridge Bid+Score system for their Teams Championship. 

The 16 teams started competing against each other in the first segment of the championship, which took place from the 6th to the 8th of October in Warsaw. It was recently followed by the second weekend, held from the 5th to the 7th of January. The tournament has now concluded its Round Robin phase, and the current standings show “TB Silesia I Gliwice” at the top of the table.  

Pol premier league 2024 2 2

Throughout the tournament, the LoveBridge Bid+Score system has been successfully employed, ensuring accurate scoring, efficient bidding and minimising the flow of unauthorized information. For detailed results and standings, you can visit the following website:  


The next, Knockout (KO) phase will take place from 23-25 February and promises more exciting matches and intense competition. 

2024 Mecsek Cup with LoveBridge One

2024 Mecsek Cup with LoveBridge One

This year’s first LoveBridge Tournament took place in Pécs, Hungary. After a long-awaited four-year break, we were thrilled to witness the return of the prestigious Mecsek Kupa, now using the LoveBridge One system for the first time! 

The tournament was not only a gathering of bridge enthusiasts from Hungary but also saw the active participation of foreign players, including talented individuals from Croatia.  


Pecs 2024 2

We must also mention the breathtaking view from the venue itself, situated on Mecsek Mountain, overlooking the entire city. The combination of exciting deals and picturesque scenery made for an unforgettable experience!  

Thanks to the LoveBridge One system, all the boards can be viewed on our Vugraph site. Click on the link below to see them! 



Spanish Teams Championship with Bid+Score

Spanish Teams Championship with Bid+Score

Following the success of LoveBridge at the USBC events in the USA, AEB became the first European NBO to run LoveBridge at their National Teams Championships with only remote support from us throughout the whole event. 

The Spanish Bridge Federation first used the LoveBridge One system for their Mixed Teams Championships in January ‘23. The success of that event has led them to consider running more tournaments with LoveBridge. 

In October AEB decided to invest in their own equipment and in learning the skills needed to operate our system. Once the tablets were purchased, the training of the Spanish organising team and the preparation of their tablets could begin. 

Through a series of email exchanges and online meetings, we were able to provide the Spanish organisers with all the information they needed to run the competition without requiring our on-site support. 

The result was a seamless championship held from the 17th to the 19th of November, with only remote support from the LoveBridge team. Congratulations to all! 

Follow the link for the results on our Vugraph page: 


Bid+Score on the Champions Cup in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bid+Score on the Champions Cup in Dubrovnik, Croatia

A new month marks another exciting journey for the LoveBridge team. This time, we embarked on a trip to Croatia, hitting the road on Tuesday night with our fully packed minivan. Despite the weather not being entirely in our favour, we arrived in time and began unpacking for the upcoming events. 

The primary purpose of our visit was to organize the 21st European Champions Cup and the very 1st European Women Champions Cup, both of which made use of the LoveBridge Bid+Score system. 

With a packed schedule, the three-day tournament demanded our team’s unwavering commitment from 8 am to 9 pm each day, ensuring smooth playing conditions for all participants. 

Originally the Champions Cup this year intended to host 18 teams (12 in the Open category and 8 in the Women’s). However, due to unfortunate circumstances, the outbreak of war on October 7th, the two Israeli teams that were to participate had to withdraw their participation. Despite EBL’s efforts they were only able to find a replacement team for the Open category but could not find one for the Women’s category.

Dubrovnik 2023 33

With only 7 Women’s teams, we had to face the challenge of a three-team match in the consolation phase. This required on-site integration of our and EBL’s systems. However, through effective collaboration with EBL’s IT specialist, we were able to solve this problem. 

It is safe to say that the event was a great success, and we hope the combination of the cups and our system can be continued. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants, with special recognition to the Italian team for their victory in the Open category and the French team for triumphing in the Women’s category.  

We encourage all players to request access and explore their personal statistics on our stats site, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their performance. 

For those interested, the results can be found on the following link, where you can also hover your cursor over the contracts to view the bidding details.