Our mission

We provide a clean and reliable solution for everyone who organizes bridge tournaments. We want more than bridge to survive. We want bridge to march through the 21st century. We believe that technology is to serve people. We believe that competitive bridge is to be played at the table.
LoveBridge is a system developed by Visoft Kft. It is suitable for the conduct of accredited online bridge tournaments. Instead of playing with physical cards, players use tablets for bidding and playing. The tournament is controlled by a server developed for this purpose. It allocates the seats, notifies the tablets, handles players’ events, calculates results etc. Additionally, it allows for a real time online public streaming.

LoveBridge represents a breakthrough in the actual conduct methods of bridge tournaments. With this system, the 80-year-old limitation of tournament organization and conduct of the requirement of players’ being at the same physical place can finally be eliminated.

In an online tournament environment, beyond the current solutions, nothing could prevent that teams, using separate communication channels and unlawfully expanding the formal language and signaling system of the game, i.e. ganging together, unilaterally transform the non-full information game into a full information game for their own benefit. Knowing this, no tournaments with serious stakes are organized online. Using LoveBridge’s tournament organization innovations and research results allows organizers to provide equal treatment and clean conditions for simultaneous bridge tournaments with several players and bound to a certain physical place to a slight extent.

The system’s main features:
  • The game is conducted in a “virtual space”, wherein players are sitting in accredited tournament rooms. A tournament room may be accredited only if the national bridge association accepts it as such and has a LoveBridge solution installed.
  • To facilitate the game, for each player, a tablet is placed on the gaming tables.
  • The clients on the table get the next deal in the tournament from a local server,
  • The server coordinating the game logs all moves, especially
    • bids,
    • moves of the game,
    • formal communication between opponents,
    • the net time allocated for the given deal, and/or the moves per player. This supports the tournament director in identifying the actual person responsible for timeouts,
    • tournament director decisions (change of results).
  • Any game played at any table can be followed, both at the venue of the tournament and online.
  • It allows for the view and replay of the events of archived tournaments.
More information about the system tests, its application during international tournaments and further possibilities are available here. The video published on the site introduces the opinion expressed by Mr. Gianarrigo Rona, President of the World Bridge Federation, Mr. Jose Damiani, President Emeritus of World Bridge Federation and International Mind Sports Association, and several Hungarian top players about the system, based on their personal experiences.

Special thanks to Bo Haglund and Soren Hein for the DDS feature.
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