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June 15, 2018

During the 54th European Bridge Team Championships in Ostend we held a small exhibition, a ten-board tournament. Here, amongst the players some members of the WBF could have tried LoveBridge as well. In the video you can see, what a small tournament looks like on tablets, as well as the reaction of the players.

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Herning 24 12

Bid+Score in Herning

After eleven days of intense bridge, the 56th European Team Championships in Herning has come to an end.  Three events took place during these few days: the 56th European Team Championships, the 12th Women's and 10th Senior National Pairs Championships.    The two...

Jul 3, 2024
RomanianTCF 2024 06 3

New NBO on board! – the Romanian Bridge Federation

We're pleased to announce that the Romanian Bridge Federation has begun using the LoveBridge system for their tournaments. Their first event started on June 1st, the National Team Championship Final. And they already held their second pairs tournament the last...

Jun 21, 2024

Contract signing with the EBL

We have reached a significant milestone in our growth and acceptance within the bridge community. In May 2024, Lovebridge signed a new contract with the European Bridge League (EBL) covering the 2024 and 2025 calendar years.  This contract includes two key...

Jun 1, 2024

USBC with LoveBridge One for four years now

After a busy and exciting month, the 2024 United States Bridge Championships has come to an end. The USBC, held in Schaumburg from 1 to 26 May, saw fierce competition in the Open, Mixed, Senior, and Women's categories. In addition to our non-stop live vugraph...

May 27, 2024
ATD 224

47th International Budapest Bridge Festival

The vibrant city of Budapest once again played host to the prestigious International Budapest Bridge Festival (IBBF) in May 2024. This year, the 47th edition of the event saw a remarkable increase in participation, with players from 4 continents and 15 countries in...

May 23, 2024
AlpedHuez 4

1st European Transnational Championships with Bid+Score

The LoveBridge team has had another exciting trip that will be long remembered. We could say that it was the most extreme trip to a bridge tournament so far.   Fortunately, the extreme part only applies to the travel and not to the tournament. Almost halfway...

Apr 25, 2024
Kepernyokep 2024 01 23 120227

English Bridge Union uses Bid+Score

We are happy to share that the English Bridge Union also decided to invest in their own equipment for tournaments with the LoveBridge system. After a short period of email exchanges and online meetings, the EBUS’s organizing team was ready for their first...

Jan 15, 2024
Paris 2024 2 2

French Division Nationale 1

The finals of the French Division Nationale recently took place in Paris from January 12th to 14th. Hosted at the FFB headquarters using their own LoveBridge tablets and the LoveBridge Bid + Score system. With intense semifinals and the captivating final, the event...

Jan 14, 2024
Pol premier league 2024 1 2

Polish Premier League uses Bid+Score

We are thrilled to share that the 23/24 Polish Premier League is also utilizing the LoveBridge Bid+Score system for their Teams Championship.  The 16 teams started competing against each other in the first segment of the championship, which took place from the 6th...

Jan 7, 2024
Pecs 2024 1

2024 Mecsek Cup with LoveBridge One

This year’s first LoveBridge Tournament took place in Pécs, Hungary. After a long-awaited four-year break, we were thrilled to witness the return of the prestigious Mecsek Kupa, now using the LoveBridge One system for the first time!  The tournament was not only a...

Jan 6, 2024
Spanish remote 2023 1 2

Spanish Teams Championship with Bid+Score

Following the success of LoveBridge at the USBC events in the USA, AEB became the first European NBO to run LoveBridge at their National Teams Championships with only remote support from us throughout the whole event.  The Spanish Bridge Federation first used the...

Nov 19, 2023
Dubrovnik 2023 car

Bid+Score on the Champions Cup in Dubrovnik, Croatia

A new month marks another exciting journey for the LoveBridge team. This time, we embarked on a trip to Croatia, hitting the road on Tuesday night with our fully packed minivan. Despite the weather not being entirely in our favour, we arrived in time and began...

Nov 12, 2023
Tallinn 2023 4 2

15th European Small Federation Games – Tallinn

We were excited to receive once again the request from the European Bridge League to provide our LoveBridge Bid+Score system for the 15th Small Federation Games in Tallinn from October 25th to 27th, 2023. This marks the 7th consecutive tournament where the EBL has...

Oct 28, 2023
LoveBridge - Marrakesh

Bid + Score in Marrakesh

We are thrilled to share that the LoveBridge Bid + Score App was used for the second time by the WBF during the knock-out stages of the 46th World Bridge Teams Championships in Marrakesh. Overall, the Championship is considered to be a great success, with minor...

Sep 3, 2023
usbc post 3.png

Strasbourg with Bid + Score

We are proud to share that our Bid + Score app was successfully utilized during the knockout stages of the 10th European Transnational Championships held in Strasbourg. This means that the bidding and the scoring were on our tablets, but physical cards were in use...

Jun 18, 2023
ibbf post 1 e1695648009199

46th International Budapest Bridge Festival

For an entire week in May 2023, the captivating city of Budapest was the host of the 46th International Budapest Bridge Festival, a prestigious event that was part of the renowned World Bridge Tour. This extraordinary event brought together talented players from 10...

May 30, 2023
tignes post 1

4th European Winter Games in Tignes

After the debutation of LoveBridge Bid+Score at the 28th European Youth Bridge Championships in Veldhoven last year, the EBL decided to use the advantages of LoveBridge again at the 4th European Winter Games in Tignes. Although the broadcast feature is not...

Apr 28, 2023


After a seemingly endless break in live play due to the COVID-19 pandemic finally there was a bridge tournament in Hungary. The 50th Miners’ Cup was held in Tatabánya, and for better safety the organizers decided to play the competition on tablets. The organizers...

Aug 15, 2020
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Kibic Budapest Bridge Open

There are some events where the participants must meet some special criteria to register, such as mixed, senior etc. There is a tournament in Budapest with a very special criteria: to have at least a 20 years age gap between the players in the same pair. It is a...

Aug 8, 2020

Summer news

During the summer we have worked on making LoveBridge more accessible. We are ready with our cloud-based system. This allows organizers to run tournaments without using a local server. Our system has now a simplified interface designed for clubs. With this version,...

Aug 1, 2020
IBBF 2020

IBBF 2020

The 43rd International Budapest Bridge Festival was held successfully with a much higher participation than expected. The bridge tournaments in the past years in Hungary had less and less participants. This tendency seems to have turned around at the IBBF, with the...

Mar 2, 2020
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Budapest MP Championship – Week 8

After eight exciting weeks the Budapest MP Championship has come to an end. The two top divisions were played on LoveBridge, let’s see the results and a little insight into the details. The top three finishers in the I/A division: Miklós Dumbovich - Gábor Winkler...

Feb 4, 2020
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Budapest MP Championship – Week 7

The penultimate round of the Budapest MP championships didn’t cause many changes on the leaderboard. In the I/A division still Miklós Dumbovich – Winkler Gábor, Dienes Ödön – László Harangozó and János Gellér – Dániel Tubak are the top three units. In the I/B...

Jan 28, 2020
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Budapest MP Champioship – Week 6

Two weeks, that is, two rounds are left from the Budapest MP Championships. In the I/A division the first two pairs have a small lead, but the rest of the field is quite close. An extreme result can cause more than ten place difference on the leaderboard for almost...

Jan 21, 2020
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Budapest MP Championship – Week 5

On the 14th of January the fifth round of the Budapest MP championship was played and in both divisions, the daily winners were expected to perform better in the earlier rounds. The winner of this Tuesday in the I/A division is the László Szilágyi - Péter Talyigás...

Jan 14, 2020
Macskásy Gábor

Budapest MP Championship – Week 4

After a couple weeks of holiday, the Budapest MP Championship continues. The fourth round was played this week, so we are exactly halfway through the championship. Miklós Fris and Gergely Kovács won this week’s session in the I/B division with 68% and with this...

Jan 7, 2020
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Budapest MP Championship – Week 3

The last round before Christmas was played in the Budapest MP Championship on Tuesday. The winners of this week’s session are currently in the first place on the overall leaderboard in both divisions. In the I/A division Miklós Dumbovich and Gábor Winkler have the...

Dec 17, 2019
Budapest MP Championship - Week 2

Budapest MP Championship – Week 2

After the second round of the Budapest MP Championship every pair played against every other in their division. In the I/A division Péter Hodosi achieved the highest percent with his substitute partner Csaba Konkoly, in the I/B division Botond and László Kelen had...

Dec 10, 2019
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Budapest MP Championship – Week 1

As the teams championship finished, the Budapest MP Pairs Championship has started. This is the one-year anniversary for the Hungarian federation using LoveBridge, the very same championship last year was the first one ever played on tablets. The I/A and the I/B...

Dec 3, 2019
Budapest Team Championship - week 10

Budapest Teams Championship – Week 10

Almost all matches are finished in the Budapest Teams Championship, there is only one week left for the teams to decide the final rankings. In the I/A division team VISOFT is on the first place and their last match will be against the currently second team, GALIM....

Nov 19, 2019
Budapest Team Championship - Week 9

Budapest Team Championship – Week 9

The 9th round of the Budapest Teams Championship is behind us and there are only two weeks left till the end. In the I/A division team VISOFT increased its lead to almost 14 VPs over GALIM and GAMAX on the third place trails them by only 2. In the major group...

Nov 12, 2019
Budapest Team Championship - Week 8

Budapest Team Championship – Week 8

When team GALIM is playing against team GAMAX, it’s something that most of the Hungarian players want to see. This was one of the matches that everyone could follow on our vugraph site this week in the Budapest Teams Championship. GAMAX won this time, but they are...

Nov 5, 2019
Budapest Team Championship - Week 7

Budapest Team Championship – Week 7

It was an important week in the I/B division of the Budapest Teams Championship: the groups played their last matches. Based on their previous results, they will be separated into the Major and the Minor group for the rest of the championship. Here are the results...

Oct 29, 2019
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Budapest Team Championship – Week 6

More than half of the Budapest Teams Championship is over and there is only one week left from the qualifier in the I/B division. In group A team CSILLAGVIRÁG can already relax, they will surely qualify to the major group while in the other group the 3 best teams...

Oct 22, 2019
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Budapest Team Championship – Week 5

Already 5 matches has been played in the Round Robins of the Budapest Teams Championships. The qualifier in division I/B is getting closer to the end, while division I/A is almost at the halftime. After the last round the rankings in I/B did not change, but the...

Oct 15, 2019
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Budapest Team Championship – Week 4

The fourth week of the Budapest Teams Championship is over. Now that we know more than 1/3 of the I/A round robin’s and more than half of the I/B qualifier’s results, we have a better idea about the shape of the teams in each group. In division I/A six teams’...

Oct 8, 2019
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Budapest Team Championship – Week 3

This week the 3rd round of Budapest Teams Championship was held, and all the group leaders kept their place. In I/A team Galim lost for the first time - by 1 IMP against team Elastron – but they are still almost 10 VPs ahead of the 2nd. In the Group A of I/B team...

Oct 1, 2019
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Budapest Team Championship – Week 2

The second round of the Budapest Teams Championship was just as interesting as the first one. In division I/A the 12 teams will play a full round robin and after the second week team GALIM is leading, with two big wins they are 12 VPs ahead of the second team. In...

Sep 24, 2019
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Budapest Team Championship – Week 1

The Budapest Teams Championship has started, and you can follow everything that’s happening in the divisions I/A with 12 teams and I/B with 16 teams. We were excited about the first week, because this was the first time for the I/B division to play on tablets as...

Sep 17, 2019


The 6th World Youth Open Championships were held in Opatija, Croatia and we had the honor to host the BAM tournament with the LoveBridge system. The 3-day event started with a qualification round on the first two days which began with 34 teams playing 28 boards. On...

Aug 27, 2019
Summer Series - Week 8

Summer Series – Week 8

The summer is not completely over yet, but our Summer Series has finished. 21 pairs played on the last day and they were not only competing for the first place of this competition, but also for the cumulated championship through the whole summer. The winners of the...

Aug 13, 2019


The Kajaani Bridge Club in Finland started to use LoveBridge in the end of May. Recently the club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a Finland-wide bridge festival and they invited us to celebrate with them. We hosted a LoveBridge tournament, the results can be...

Aug 9, 2019
Summer Series - Week 6

Summer Series – Week 6

The seventh competition of the Summer Series is over and we have new winners. Out of the 22 pairs Ödön Dienes and László Sztrapkovics reached the highest percentage but there was a close fight between the best pairs until the end of the tournament. This week’s...

Aug 6, 2019

EUSA 2019

The 2019 European Universities Mindsports Championship took place in Budapest. 14 universities sent their players to compete in the bridge team’s championship. After four days of playing with a tight schedule the Kozminski University’s team (Warsaw, Poland) won the...

Jul 26, 2019
Summer Series - Week 5

Summer Series – Week 5

New week, new winners. Or we should rather say new winner, because one of the players from the victorious pair has already won a couple weeks ago, so she is not really new at winning. This time Brigitta Fischer won with Marcell Surányi. Fischer is a member of the...

Jul 23, 2019
Summer Series - Week 4

Summer Series – Week 4

We are already halfway trough our summer series, and the fourth week was full of great boards. 29 pairs showed up to compete for the first place and for the points to win the individual prize at the end of the summer. Now it’s almost a tradition that the last board...

Jul 14, 2019
Summer Series - Week 3

Summer Series – Week 3

Another week passed again and we held the 3rd round of our eight week long summer series. This time 20 pairs arrived to compete and with them, more than 60 players participated in the past 3 weeks. At the end of the series we will give individual prizes to the best...

Jul 9, 2019
Summer Series - Week 2

Summer Series – Week 2

The second competition of our Summer Series is over and it was just as interesting as the first one. This time 21 pairs entered and in the end Brigitta Fischer and Gábor Macskásy became the happy owners of our victory bears. There was a close race between the top...

Jul 2, 2019
Palatinus Junior

Palatinus Junior Bridge

The Palatinus bridge club started to use LoveBridge as soon as it was available and they’ve been regularly using it ever since. There is a tournament every Wednesday played on tablets with the main goal – besides playing bridge and having fun – of supporting...

Jun 30, 2019
Summer Series - Week 1

Summer Series – Week 1

On the last week of June we held the first Tuesday tournament of the Summer Series ‘19. Sixteen pairs have played 26 boards, you can see the final results here. Zsófia Bekő and Laura Érsek started well in the first round and were amongst the top pairs all the way...

Jun 25, 2019
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BAM 2019

On the 17-18th of June 2019 was the first BAM competition played on tablets. On Monday there was a qualifier round robin with 13 teams and on the next day the best four teams played the in finals while the rest of the field played on the consolation event. The...

Jun 19, 2019
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IMP Pairs 2019

In 2019’s spring the first division of the IMP championship in Budapest was played on tablets. The eight weeks long event started in April and 32 pairs have participated. The Gábor Winkler – Miklós Dumbovich pair (on the pictures) was unstoppable during the...

Jun 4, 2019


On the 5th of May 2019, we held an exhibition in a bridge club in Munich. The main reason for the event was to introduce the system to the German Bridge Federation, from where two vice-pesidents were present, the leader of the sport department, Ulf Schäfer and the...

May 5, 2019

Pula Spring

Everybody knows and loves the Pula Bridge Festival in September, but some people might be unaware that there is another, smaller bridge festival in Pula in spring. Thanks to the organizers, LoveBridge had the opportunity to introduce itself in Croatia. Here you can...

May 3, 2019
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MP 2019

In 2019 the finals of the Hungarian MP pairs championship were played on tablets. In the semifinal - on the first day of the two-days tournament - 28 pairs have been competing to qualify to the finals. The first twelve pairs had the opportunity to play in the “A”...

Apr 15, 2019
IBBF 2019

IBBF 2019

In February 2019, the 42nd International Budapest Bridge Festival was completely played on tablets. It was a five-day event, with mixed pairs, teams and open pairs tournaments. In the diverse field there were participants from 7 different countries. Thanks to the...

Feb 18, 2019
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MP 2018

In 2018/2019 the first division of the MP championship in Budapest was played on tablets. 32 pairs every Tuesday for eight weeks were competing using LoveBridge. For the first time, it gave the players from lower divisions the opportunity to watch the best...

Dec 4, 2018
IMP 2018

IMP 2018

The first national championship played on tablets were the finals and the semifinals of the 2018’s Hungarian IMP pairs championship. The winners of the finals are Dániel Gulyás and Balázs Kotányi, the players of the second-best pair are Gyula Argay and Gergely...

Nov 17, 2018
Orlando Exhibition

Orlando exhibition

In 2018 we had a chance in Orlando (15th Worlds Bridge Series) to show LoveBridge to some of the best bridge players in the world. It was a small 10 board tournament, where the players could experience how the system works and how does it feel to play without...

Sep 28, 2018