The penultimate round of the Budapest MP championships didn’t cause many changes on the leaderboard. In the I/A division still Miklós Dumbovich – Winkler Gábor, Dienes Ödön – László Harangozó and János Gellér – Dániel Tubak are the top three units.

In the I/B division the pairs are competing for the first six qualifying places: they will play in the I/A division next year. There was only one change here, István Balásy and Katalin Tihanyi reached a place amongst the bests, pushing Zsuzsanna Kerekes and Sándor Varga to the seventh place.

In board 16 of the I/A division North-South can make 7 but the small slam is makeable in spades and no trump as well. Two pairs in the field settled for 3N. The contract was 6 at seven tables, however three times out of these seven North tried to stop in 3N. Their partners saw that they are meant to play more but didn't try for the grand after the sign off. On the remaining six tables the pairs succeeded to reach 7, although at three tables North tried to sign off in 3N as well. But how were they supposed to bid?
We liked the solution from Miklós Dumbovich and Róbert Zoller the most. Zoller bid Stayman over Dumbovich’s strong no trump and when North denied a four-card major, he introduced his diamond suit. His partner bid 3♠ showing fit in diamonds and strength in spades. Zoller’s 4was Optional Roman Keycard Blackwood and with 4♠ Dumbovich accepted the slam try promising 3 aces (4 would have denied extras). Finally, South asked about the queen of trumps and North showed it along with the king of clubs. At this point South could count 13 tricks, so he bid 7 immediately.
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Two weeks, that is, two rounds are left from the Budapest MP Championships. In the I/A division the first two pairs have a small lead, but the rest of the field is quite close. An extreme result can cause more than ten place difference on the leaderboard for almost everyone. Miklós Dumbovich and Gábor Winkler are currently on the first place (just like in the past four weeks) with 56.47%, Ödön Dienes and László Harangozó has reached the second place with 54.22%, the best pair chasing after them is János Gellér and Dániel Tubak with 52.74%.

In the I/B division Miklós Fris and Gergely Kovács are on the top of the leaderboard with 55.01% followed by Gyula Bódis and Marcell Surányi with 53.22% with Levente Kaderják and László Molnár on the third place with 53.10% right behind them.

Here we come with an imaginative defense:
Almost everyone led a spade from South against the no trump contracts, but at this table the opener knew better from the bidding. Béla Benedek attacked the contract with the ace and queen of diamonds. Now North had all the high diamonds, he only had to gain the lead somehow. Declarer ran his hearts and after finessing the queen of spades he switched to the jack of clubs. This creative play could have been successful weren’t South been on the spot. However, Benedek knew that his partner’s only chance to take a trick is in clubs. He envisioned the nine of clubs in North’s hand so discarded the ten under the ace and played small on the next club. Imre András won the trick with the nine and cashed his diamonds. Great plan, good execution, well done!
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On the 14th of January the fifth round of the Budapest MP championship was played and in both divisions, the daily winners were expected to perform better in the earlier rounds. The winner of this Tuesday in the I/A division is the László Szilágyi - Péter Talyigás pair and with this victory they overtook 11 pairs on the overall leaderboard closing the gap between them and the leaders. In the I/B division, the first place went to Zsuzsanna Kerekes and Sándor Varga, they are now on a qualifying place to the I/A division with their great result (best six succeeds).
It rarely happens in bridge that each player plays the best card possible (according to double dummy analysis) through a whole board. Still, this board was played “perfectly” for a while. Gábor Macskásy opened with a club, small from dummy, Brigitta Fischer followed with the ten and declarer won with the king. Orsolya Hegedüs played the ace of diamonds and discarded a club from dummy. She continued with a diamond ruff then returned a spade to her queen which South took with the king. Macskásy led another club and Fischer won the trick with the jack after the eight from West. She played the ace of clubs, declarer and South both discarding spades. Then she led her last spade and Hegedüs took it with a small heart. She ruffed a diamond on dummy and ruffed a spade in her hand while Fischer discarded her jack of diamonds. So far so good. Declarer now “put a diamond on the table*” and South found himself in an interesting position:
Holding the J432 of trumps in his hand the contract would have only gone down if he had ruffed with the jack (a highly counter intuitive move), then Hegedüs has to lose one more heart. Unfortunately, he chose a small heart letting dummy’s nine take a trick and now declarer could crossruff with the high trumps.

*: remember, they were playing on tablets 😊
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After a couple weeks of holiday, the Budapest MP Championship continues. The fourth round was played this week, so we are exactly halfway through the championship. Miklós Fris and Gergely Kovács won this week’s session in the I/B division with 68% and with this outstanding result they took the first place on the leaderboard. The 6 best pairs from the I/B division will qualify to I/A for next year.

The winners of this week in the I/A division are Csaba Czímer and Tamás Szalka. They didn’t have good results at the first weeks of the championship, maybe their luck has turned now and they still have enough time to climb higher on the leaderboard.
Gábor Macskásy played 3N in this board. He took the spade lead with the jack and played the king of diamonds. When his opponents ducked this, he switched to hearts and East won with the king. After taking the jack of clubs return in his hand with the ace, he led a diamond to the queen and played another small heart.
mp week 4
East won and insisted on clubs. Declarer played the king and cashed the queen of hearts, and now double dummy it seemed he will only have 3 heart tricks and has to lose 3 clubs at the end, having no entry to the high spades. But on the queen of hearts his opponent didn’t see Macskásy’s sad fate yet, and he made the mistake of not unblocking his ten of hearts, so declarer endplayed him leading his nine of hearts.
Ádám Magyar has fought hard to get 10 tricks in this 3. East led a diamond, and after a low card from dummy his opponent won the first trick with the 10. He returned his singleton spade and declarer played his ace. Magyar cashed his two high trumps and led a club to dummy’s king. West took the trick with the ace and played a diamond. He didn’t realize that with this play he gives a chance to make an overtrick and that is exactly what happened. Declarer ruffed the diamond, crossed to dummy with the queen of clubs, ruffed another diamond and now he just had to lose the queen of hearts to East, who had only spades left. This way Magyar got his tenth trick with the jack of spades.
mp week 4
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The last round before Christmas was played in the Budapest MP Championship on Tuesday. The winners of this week’s session are currently in the first place on the overall leaderboard in both divisions. In the I/A division Miklós Dumbovich and Gábor Winkler have the best result so far, the second pair is János Gellér with Dániel Tubak and László Honti and Katalin Mezei are on the third place.

Balázs Kovács and Péter Scharnitzky are leading the I/B division followed by István Nagy and Csaba Papp, István Balásy and Katalin Tihanyi are third.
You can see a very nice defense at the end of this board. In the four card ending declarer played a heart and South realized the only way to take all the remaining tricks if he doesn’t let his partner win the trick with the king. So, he played his ace executing the crocodile coup to avoid the blocking in hearts.
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HUNGARIAN OPEN TRIALS 14-15 December 2019

Four teams entered to the Hungarian Open Trials. According to the rules the format was knock-out with directed draw. It was a great honor for us when the players of the first semifinal requested to play on tablets rather than cards. The two teams were DUMBOVICH and FÉSZEK and they played 128 boards for two days. After a long weekend DUMBOVICH won with a big difference.

We wanted to make the broadcast for our viewers as enjoyable as possible, so they not only could have followed each board card by card on our vugraph site, but we also organized a live commentary. Five Hungarian players volunteered to be commentators, and after overcoming some technical difficulties at the beginning, the livestream went flawlessly.

Here are some interesting slam boards for those who didn’t follow the event:
Dániel Tubak played 6♠ in this board. After taking the trump lead with the ace, he returned the jack of clubs. This smart play gave him some extra mathematical and psychological chances, for example East not having the queen rushing in with the ace. In this layout he didn’t need any help: East took the trick with the queen and switched to a small heart. Declarer won the ace, discarded two hearts from his hand on the ace and king of diamonds, crossruffed hearts and clubs and discarded his last club on his remaining high diamond. Finally, he crossed to his hand with a diamond ruff and claimed the last two tricks with the king and queen of spades.
Here is a nice squeeze from Gábor Winkler in 6. South lead his ace of hearts then played a spade. Declarer took the trick on dummy and cashed the king of hearts, crossed to his hand with the ace of diamonds and ruffed his small heart. He took two more rounds of diamonds finishing on dummy, discovering the bad trump distribution. His careful play gave him some extra chance: squeezing South in hearts and clubs. He cashed to ace of spades, crossed in clubs and finally drew the last diamond. The plan worked, South now had no more cards to discard. He decided to get rid of his club, so declarer had now nothing else to do but playing his clubs.
Sometimes you must deceive your opponent as much as possible in order to defeat a contract. This is what Balázs Szegedi did in this board. He very quickly realized that the only chance for the contract to go down is if declarer misguesses the diamond suit and he did everything to “help” him: he discarded both of his two small diamonds keeping only the queen. Declarer didn’t really have a chance to visualize the queen in South’s hand lost two tricks in the suit.
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After the second round of the Budapest MP Championship every pair played against every other in their division. In the I/A division Péter Hodosi achieved the highest percent with his substitute partner Csaba Konkoly, in the I/B division Botond and László Kelen had the strongest result. Currently the top 3 pairs in the divisions are:
I/A division:
  • János Gellér – Dániel Tubak
  • Imre András – Béla Benedek
  • Miklós Dumbovich – Gábor Winkler
I/B division:
  • István Balásy – Katalin Tihanyi
  • Zsolt Dörnyei – András Riesz
  • Péter Fehér – Dániel Vikor
East-West can take 12 tricks in hearts in this board, but only 5 declarers out of the 16 managed to score 480. At two tables they played 3N, at one table they played 6♠ and the rest of the field took only 11 tricks in hearts. Here is an example how to take 12 tricks.
After the spade lead declarer played the hearts, South took the second round, and returned a spade. Tamás Szalka played a small spade from his hand, and ruffed it on dummy, then took the last trump from the defenders. On the queen of clubs South played the king and declarer won with the ace. He played his high spades and discarded two small clubs from dummy. He then returned to dummy with the club and playing his last two trumps and squeezed South for the 12th trick.
(In the defense of declarers who took only 11 tricks: On several tables South returned a diamond after winning the ace of hearts giving declarers an immediate decision about the minor suit kings.)
mp week 2
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As the teams championship finished, the Budapest MP Pairs Championship has started. This is the one-year anniversary for the Hungarian federation using LoveBridge, the very same championship last year was the first one ever played on tablets. The I/A and the I/B divisions are both broadcasted on our vugraph site. 16 tables will compete in both divisions for eight weeks and you can follow all of them each Tuesday from 18:00 (except for the Holidays).

In the first week of the championship everyone played 2 boards against half of their field. In the I/A division the first three pairs are (in order) Imre András – Béla Benedek, Péter Gál – György Kemény and János Gellér-Dániel Tubak. In the I/B division Péter Antal – Géza Reichardt, Zsolt Dörnyei – Riesz András and István Balási – Katalin Tihanyi are on the top of the leaderboard.
Andrea Sinkovicz played 3N in this board. The Q was a good lead, but after taking the second trick with the K East had little chance to know, that the small club return would be the only one to defeat the contract. He led a spade and now Sinkovicz found a pretty line to make 9 tricks. She won with the ace and started to play diamonds. West took the second round and returned a heart. Declarer took it with the ace and played her last diamond. Now North could find a winning play on East’s any discard. Eventually East decided to get rid of his small club, so declarer discarded a small club from dummy as well. She then took her high spades, the ace of clubs and finally endplayed East with the spade.
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The Budapest Teams Championship has come to an end. In the I/A division team GALIM won against team VISOFT but they didn’t score enough VPs to overtake their rival, so VISOFT became the champion. The six best teams qualified to the Hungarian Teams Championship, congratulations to all teams:
  1. VISOFT: Gyula Bódis – Hanka Lajos - László Szilágyi - Villő Szűcs - Péter Talyigás
  2. GALIM: Péter Gál - Csaba Czímer - György Kemény - Péter Marjai - Csaba Szabó - Tamás Szalka
  3. GAMAX: Géza Homonnay - Miklós Dumbovich - Bálint Homonnay - Péter Lakatos - Gábor Winkler
  4. FÉSZEK: Péter Bárczy - Gergely Dombi - János Gellér - András Honyek - Csaba Konkoly - Dániel Tubak
  5. BUDAÖRS 17: Gergely Kovács - Miklós Fris - László Harangozó - György Kuttner - András Riesz - Gábor Szőts - Ferenc Zöld
  6. TMX: Balázs Kotányi - Brigitta Fischer - Dániel Gulyás - Gábor Macskásy
In the I/B division – with the result of a postponed match – team P-T started the last round from the second place with only 9 VPs behind the leader. Team ECOSOFT retained the first place with a victory this week and they became the champions of their division. The medalist teams are
  1. ECOSOFT: Bence Bozzai - Gábor Kiss - Márton Kovács - Marcell Surányi - Máté Vági
  2. P-T: András Fogaras - József Földi - István Gerő - László Hittmann - György Szőnyi - István Tóth - László Vinkler
  3. GRAND SLAM: Gyula Argay - Zoltán Fülöp - Zsuzsa Hámori - László Jakus - Tamás Rózsa - Gergely Siba
Sometimes it happens that you play for the best chance in a suit and it still doesn’t work out. You can see an example in this board. The small heart lead promised a doubleton and Miklós Dumovich’s plan was to finesse in spades twice using the king of hearts and a club ruff as entries and play diamonds for two losers. The finesse didn’t work but at least the ten appeared on the spade return. He had a new entry to dummy with the nine to finesse the king of clubs, but now he could afford only one diamond loser. The best way to lose only one diamond is the intra finesse: lead the eight from your hand to dummy, then play the jack trying to pin the 10. The cards were dealt differently in this case and with the chosen line of play, Dumbovich was one of the few declarers who went down in four spades.
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Almost all matches are finished in the Budapest Teams Championship, there is only one week left for the teams to decide the final rankings. In the I/A division team VISOFT is on the first place and their last match will be against the currently second team, GALIM. With 15 VP difference between them GALIM needs a big victory to become the champions this year. If fortune is on team GAMAX’s side, they can also get to the first place, but besides a huge win, they also need a favorable result on the other match.

In the I/B division the leader, team ECOSOFT will play against the 3rd placed CSILLAGVIRÁG and they can ensure their position with a small victory. The first two from this group will qualify to the I/A division for the next year and the 3rd team from the major group will play a decider match against the 10th team from I/A for the top division position.

In the minor group the first four team will stay in their division and the fifth team will have a chance to fight for their place against the fourth team from the II. Division while the last three drops out.
After South didn’t find the optimal diamond lead and opened with a small club Mária Bekő had a chance to make her contract, but she had to play carefully. North took the first trick with the ace and returned the king of hearts and declarer took it with the ace. With the finesse working in spades, she has two spade tricks, a diamond and a club, so she needs to take four more tricks with her remaining trumps.
Bekő finessed in spades, discarded a diamond on the ace, played a club to her king and ruffed a club on dummy. She ruffed a small spade then returned to dummy with the ace of diamonds and discarded a loser from her hand on the last spade that South had to take with the king. He was now endplayed and had to play hearts, so declarer could take the last two tricks she needed.

Of course she could have ruffed the last spade as well, but it’s always more fun to endplay your opponent.
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The 9th round of the Budapest Teams Championship is behind us and there are only two weeks left till the end. In the I/A division team VISOFT increased its lead to almost 14 VPs over GALIM and GAMAX on the third place trails them by only 2.
In the major group of the I/B division ECOSOFT is on the top of the list with a significant margin: there is a 20 VP gap between them and the second best CSILLAGVIRÁG. In the minor group team LOWEL marched to the first place winning almost 20 VPs this week, but they still must play well if they want to keep their position because team IZOBAU and LEÓ are closely behind them.
This week’s best declarer play is from Balázs Kotányi. In this boards he played 3NT after the ace of clubs lead. He won the small club continuation on dummy with the jack then played a small heart to the ace, took his high spades and the king of diamonds. Now he knew he can give the trick to West with the king of clubs and he will have nothing to return without giving him a trick. West played his clubs and returned the ten of hearts. East played the queen, declarer took it and played the jack of hearts.
When Kotányi played his ace of diamonds, West saw that he was going to be endplayed so he discarded the queen. This way had his partner had the jack, the contract still could have gone down, but not now. The jack of diamonds was declarer’s ninth trick.
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When team GALIM is playing against team GAMAX, it’s something that most of the Hungarian players want to see. This was one of the matches that everyone could follow on our vugraph site this week in the Budapest Teams Championship. GAMAX won this time, but they are still only on the fifth place on the leaderboard since they postponed one of their earlier matches.

The playoffs have started in the I/B division, team ECOSOFT has the most points in the Major Group, they still lost none of their matches. Team LEÓ won 20 VPs this week and with this result, they are leading the Minor group.

Board 19 was a special one in the I/A division: at one table we can see a beautiful defense, at another there is a nice squeeze by declarer.
Let’s see the declarer play first. Csaba Konkoly should have gone down in 4♠, losing a club, a spade and two diamond tricks. After North took the trick with the jack of spades, he could have played his last spade and then declarer has no chance to make the contract, but he rather played his club in hopes of a ruff. Little did he know that Konkoly also had a singleton. Ruffing the next club in his hand, declarer took the king of hearts, ruffed his small heart and played the last two spades from dummy.
South could spare a club on the first one, but after the second he found himself squeezed between diamonds and clubs. As he gave up the diamonds Konkoly won the last trick with the seven of diamonds winning a beer from his partner.
At this table East also played 4♠, however, he had a chance to make it. He took the king of clubs lead with the ace and immediately returned a small diamond and South took the trick with the ace being afraid of declarer playing the small from a doubleton king and discarding it on his hearts.
He then took his high club and played a small one. East now only had to guess the spades right to make the contract. László Szilágyi knew this as well and he overruffed dummies eight with his king(!). He deceived declarer to think South has the jack of spades and alas, he tried to finesse it.
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It was an important week in the I/B division of the Budapest Teams Championship: the groups played their last matches. Based on their previous results, they will be separated into the Major and the Minor group for the rest of the championship. Here are the results of the qualification:
Major group:
  • Group A:
    • P-T
    • RR
  • Group B:
    • WISH
Minor group:
  • Group A:
    • IZOBAU
    • LEÓ
    • ELTE
  • Group B:
    • LOWEL
    • BALÁSY
In division I/A only 3 matches were played on Tuesday and two were played upfront, you can see the results of these in our Vugraph. Collecting 15.63 VPs on their last match, team VISOFT took the 1st place but their lead is less than 1 VP.
László Harangozó had only one shot to make enough tricks in this board after the club lead. He realized he had to get rid of his club loser as soon as possible, so after taking the first trick he immediately made the spade finesse. He earned 12 IMPs with his bravery, because the opponents in the other room tried to draw trumps first and had to lose a club trick.
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More than half of the Budapest Teams Championship is over and there is only one week left from the qualifier in the I/B division. In group A team CSILLAGVIRÁG can already relax, they will surely qualify to the major group while in the other group the 3 best teams are safe and there is only one qualifying place in question. In division I/A team GALIM is still at the top of the list but 2nd placed team VISOFT is closing the gap. There were many exciting boards this week as well, let’s take a look at some of them.
Róbert Zoller (Elastron) played 5from South in this board and he was the only one in the field who could score points as NS. Double dummy, to defeat the contract West should have attack the long suit of the declarer, clubs, and later East should have helped continuing the suit and promote the trump 7. Obviously this has not happened. After drawing the trumps from the opponents Zoller ruffed a spade with his last diamond and with this move, he nicely squeezed East between hearts and clubs.
Péter Marjai played this board well, he tried to catch South with Hx in hearts. This wasn’t the case but he still managed to put Ödön Dienes in a difficult situation. Dienes saw that if he let him alone, declarer will have nine tricks: three spades, three hearts, the Ace of diamonds and two clubs. So after taking the trick with his ace of clubs he envisioned the ten of diamonds into his partner’s hand and dully played the king and queen of diamonds. Declarer had no chance to make enough tricks in time.
Here you can see a watchful declarer play from Csaba Konkoly. Holding the last three cards he knew that West was left with a diamond and a heart, so playing his club must be safe but gives him some extra chance. If West had the king he was going to surrender a trick to dummy, but had East the king, he had to lead a spade giving an always valuable overtrick to the declarer.
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Already 5 matches has been played in the Round Robins of the Budapest Teams Championships. The qualifier in division I/B is getting closer to the end, while division I/A is almost at the halftime. After the last round the rankings in I/B did not change, but the teams here still have a chance to improve in the following two weeks. In division I/A team GAMAX had a great victory thus taking over their opponent. Interestingly GAMAX still have not played all of their matches they should have, that is why they are standing on the fifth place, while they have the second highest VP average in the division.
It is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event that opponents bid four spades and you find yourself with the AKQJT9 of trumps. János Gellér doubled the contract easy heartedly which went down 5 times. In the other room Mihály Kovács was holding the strong spades and with no spade support from his partner he played 3NT. Csaba Konkoly led the ace and king of diamonds but did not continue the suit to prevent declarer getting an extra trick there. He continued with the king of hearts and declarer didn’t guess right which finesse works, the double heart or the “simple” club, so 3NT went down as well.
György Kuttner had better luck in the same contract: after the ace and king of diamonds South played his third diamond and now declarer not only could make the contract, but he managed to squeeze South for the overtrick.
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The fourth week of the Budapest Teams Championship is over. Now that we know more than 1/3 of the I/A round robin’s and more than half of the I/B qualifier’s results, we have a better idea about the shape of the teams in each group. In division I/A six teams’ average VPs are above 11, but the team with the highest average: GAMAX with 14.30 has only played 3 matches yet. In division I/B all the teams have played all their matches, in group A four, in group B 5 teams have greater than 10 VPs average.
In this board Gábor Winkler chose an unusual bid; he opened with 3♣. West bid 3NT and after North’s pass István Varga found himself in an uncomfortable situation. He couldn’t find an optimal bid to describe his hand, but if his partner has a gambling hand, they might even make 3NT or they only go down once and playing any major could end up in a catastrophe (imagine a double from South). Varga passed and lost 7 imps. Though his partner had two club tricks, he went down 5 times in 3NT but the opponents on the other table only twice in 4♠ after an uncontested auction.
Here you can see a nice defense from Gábor Macskásy. With the last five cards in his hand, he had to guess right who has the jack of diamonds. In the end he made the right decision and with this crocodile coup the contract went down three times.
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This week the 3rd round of Budapest Teams Championship was held, and all the group leaders kept their place. In I/A team Galim lost for the first time - by 1 IMP against team Elastron – but they are still almost 10 VPs ahead of the 2nd. In the Group A of I/B team Csillagvirág proved that their place is at the top of their group collecting 20 VPs against one of the favorites. In Group B team Ecosoft won 17.41 VPs, this was their worst(!) result so far. With their strong performance they are leading the field by almost 20 VPs, seems like they don’t want to leave decision about qualifying to I/A to the last minute.
This time, the board of the week is about bidding. András Budinszky and András Talyigás reached the grand slam on this board using 17 bids, which is quite a lot, considering there are only 35 possible bids in the bidding box. Opening with a precision 1♣ East started a relay sequence and he had enough space to learn almost every card West held. First, he discovered the 4-5-3-1 distribution, the 11+ points and the 0 aces (4♦). Later West showed the queen of hearts and the king of spades and denied the king of diamonds. East still wanted to know West’s remaining honors to see if there are 13 easy tricks in 7NT or should they play the safer 7♥. West promised the queen of spades, the jack of hearts and denied the queen of diamonds and the jack of spades so he had to have the king of clubs to have 11 points. Knowing all this, East decided to bid 7♥ and claimed right after drawing the trumps.
Here is another interesting situation, after the seven of diamonds lead, how do you plan to make 3NT, which card would you play from dummy?
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The second round of the Budapest Teams Championship was just as interesting as the first one. In division I/A the 12 teams will play a full round robin and after the second week team GALIM is leading, with two big wins they are 12 VPs ahead of the second team. In division I/B the field is separated into two groups with 8-8 teams each, playing a 7 weeks long qualification at first. In one of the groups they have a team with a significant lead as well, team ECOSOFT is almost a 10VPs away from the rest of the field. The other group seems to be more balanced with team CSILLAGVIRÁG on the front. You can find all results here: I/A - I/B. Let’s see an interesting board from this week.
E-W can make 12 tricks in hearts, spades or NT, but only 3 pairs reached the slam. At the table above Balázs Kotányi played 3NT and managed to get all the tricks by squeezing North. However, László Marcin could have avoided his fate, if he had led a diamond honor instead of a small diamond. After leading a small one his partner had to play the jack in the first round, and he was stuck with the sole guard of both minors.
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The Budapest Teams Championship has started, and you can follow everything that’s happening in the divisions I/A with 12 teams and I/B with 16 teams. We were excited about the first week, because this was the first time for the I/B division to play on tablets as well. Luckily most of the players were familiar with the system, since they had many opportunities to try it already. Here you can see the results of division I/A and I/B.
At first glance you wouldn’t even think that board 4 in I/B can be interesting. The contract was 2spades on several tables but whatever the declarers tried, the defenders had an answer. For example on the diagram above, you can see Ádám Magyar and Tamás Hoffmann squeezing dummy for the -2. It turned out to be a push board at the end, but still their play worth to look at.
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OPATIJA 27 August 2019

The 6th World Youth Open Championships were held in Opatija, Croatia and we had the honor to host the BAM tournament with the LoveBridge system. The 3-day event started with a qualification round on the first two days which began with 34 teams playing 28 boards. On the second day, the teams who couldn’t qualify to the semifinals of the IMP team events were added to the field. This way 50 teams were fighting to make it to the final where the fourteen teams with the best result decided who will be the BAM champion this year. The teams not qualifying got the chance to play in the B final where 34 teams participated.
Opatija 2019

The final rankings in group A:

  1. GREISNOR: – Christian Bakke, Ioannis Oikonomopoulos, Amir Ezion, Tomer Loonstein
  2. ITALIA U26: – Giovanni Donati, Roberto Sau, Giacomo Percario, Sebastiano Scata, Francesco Chiarandini, Alvaro Gaiotti
  3. SXNEBULA: – Jaihao Yang, Hanyang Dai, Tianyao Yan, Penghao Wang, Hao Xu, Yingqi Wang

The final rankings in group B:

  1. INDIA-B U26: – Babhrubahan Bose, Arya Chakraborty, Surajit Bar, Pradip Dey
  2. ITALIA 2: – Matteo Meregally, Alessandro Carletti, Maddalena Pelaggi, Annachiara Pelaggi
  3. FRANCE FUNBRIDGE: – Luc Bellicaud, Theo Guillemin, Clement Teil, Leo Rombaut
This was the biggest event played on tablets so far with more than 200 players. It was the first time for most of the juniors to play with the LoveBridge system, yet they found barely any trouble to use it. We got many positive feedbacks from the directors, they confidently used our system to see the line of play in the questionable boards, and the players found it useful as well that the directors know all the exact information about bidding, play and time management at the tables. We were happy to see that the participants were not afraid to use the settings and personalized their way of play. It wasn’t a surprise that everybody loved looking at the private scores and results whenever they had time for it.

We enjoyed our time at the BAM championship a lot and we would like to thank to the WBF for the opportunity and to the players for participating and making our first world championship a memorable one. We hope we will meet on many LoveBridge events in the future.

We made a couple short interviews to see what people think about a LoveBridge, you can see them yourselves in this video.

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KAJAANI 9 August 2019

The Kajaani Bridge Club in Finland started to use LoveBridge in the end of May. Recently the club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a Finland-wide bridge festival and they invited us to celebrate with them. We hosted a LoveBridge tournament, the results can be found here.

If you are curious about our adventures, you can watch our road trip video and a few words from them here.
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SUMMER SERIES WEEK 8 13 August 2019

The summer is not completely over yet, but our Summer Series has finished. 21 pairs played on the last day and they were not only competing for the first place of this competition, but also for the cumulated championship through the whole summer. The winners of the tournament are Gábor Macskásy with Gábor Szőts and with his last victory Macskásy became the most successful player of the ’19 Summer Series as well. The second best result of the eight weeks’ turned out to be a triple tie, Krisztián Tichler, István Kerti and Marcell Surányi finished with the same amount of points right behind Macskásy. You can find the results here.
We saw many interesting boards this week as well, let’s look at some of them.
Gábor Szőts in this board got the opportunity to make 9 tricks but he had to be careful to have enough communication between his hand and the dummy. Making the second overtrick in 1Nt resulted in 88,5%.
Here Gábor Macskásy realized that playing 5C in a pairs tournament will most likely be a bad board for them. This way going down in 6C couldn’t be much worse, so he risked bidding six in hope for a better result.
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SUMMER SERIES WEEK 7 6 August 2019

The seventh competition of the Summer Series is over and we have new winners. Out of the 22 pairs Ödön Dienes and László Sztrapkovics reached the highest percentage but there was a close fight between the best pairs until the end of the tournament.
This week’s boards were filled with the most interesting hands giving great bidding challenges to the players. The Hand of the Week was chosen out of them, the very last board:
East-West can easily make 13 tricks in hearts or clubs but they can’t really bid it since it depends on the heart finesse. North-South can try to save it in diamonds or spades but they should consider that they might as well push East-West into the grand slam. On the diagram above you can see László Honti’s save over 6 hearts. Not surprisingly there were many interesting solutions from both sides in this board and we are eager to hear what would you have done with these hands?
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EUSA 26 July 2019

The 2019 European Universities Mindsports Championship took place in Budapest. 14 universities sent their players to compete in the bridge team’s championship. After four days of playing with a tight schedule the Kozminski University’s team (Warsaw, Poland) won the gold medal. The silver medalists were the players from the Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic). They beat Kozminski University in the last round and they would have needed only 1 more VP to finish ahead of the Polish squad. The bronze medal went to Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Wroclaw, Poland).
On the second day of the event we organized a small evening pairs tournament. Not all juniors participated which is understandable after they have already played 64 board that day, but the ones who just cannot get enough of bridge were there. We filled the field with Hungarian players to reach 10 tables.
In this board after the diamond lead declarer wanted to get to the dummy somehow to lead clubs. After leading the queen of spades south took the trick with the king and led the king of hearts to reduce the chance of a club ruff. With the next spade lead declarer finally got to dummy and led a club to the jack after South playing small and played the ace of spades which was ruffed by North. At this point, North continued with the jack of hearts: sacrificing his trump trick and completely cutting declarer from dummy to earn 3 club tricks for his side. With this nice defense NS took away all the overtricks from declarer and scored almost 90%.
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New week, new winners. Or we should rather say new winner, because one of the players from the victorious pair has already won a couple weeks ago, so she is not really new at winning. This time Brigitta Fischer won with Marcell Surányi.
Fischer is a member of the Hungarian U26 women team. They recently participated at the European Youth Teams championship, and they finished at the second place. Huge congratulations for the girls to the great result! We are very happy that they regularly play at our tournaments, raising the standards of the events.
They started very well and lead the field after 7 rounds, but from there they started to fall. The key move for finally winning happened in this board, when they played against their biggest rivals, Gábor Macskásy and László Honti. When Marcell Surányi opened the bidding with one heart, Fischer evaluated her cards right and didn’t force to game like some other Easts did. After her partner bid two hearts, she had to keep her temper once again and passed. Being the only pair stopping at two hearts they scored 90% and took the first place back.
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We are already halfway trough our summer series, and the fourth week was full of great boards. 29 pairs showed up to compete for the first place and for the points to win the individual prize at the end of the summer. Now it’s almost a tradition that the last board changes the final rankings in the first 3 places. This week we saw a thrilling race again and the winners were Péter Gál and Gábor Macskásy. Sadly Péter Gál left the venue early so we couldn’t take a picture of him. With his result Macskásy is the first player who won twice.

This week’s play is a board you wouldn’t even notice scrolling trough the results. It’s just another part score deal, declarer scoring 61%. But it’s worth taking another look and giving it some thoughts, because Gábor Szőts’s defense is something you don’t see every day.
Winning the first trick with the ace was a good move from Brigitta Fischer then she took a round of spades and started to work on her diamonds. South won the trick with the ace and returned a heart. Declarer now played the eight of hearts, and at this point North realized if he takes the trick and returns a heart preparing a ruff for his partner, declarer can prevent it by taking the trick on the dummy and discarding a diamond on clubs. This way North could never win the trick with his diamond to lead a heart again, so he rather played a low card instead of taking the trick. Now they lost the chance to ruff, but got two heart tricks in the end. With this very hard to see move he took away declarer’s overtrick.

These little gems are the ones you would never know about without our vugraph where you can follow the table of anyone in the field.
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Another week passed again and we held the 3rd round of our eight week long summer series. This time 20 pairs arrived to compete and with them, more than 60 players participated in the past 3 weeks. At the end of the series we will give individual prizes to the best players of the series, counting the five best results of each player. The winners of this week’s competition were Dániel Vikor and Tamás Szabó. They finished on the second place last Tuesday and now achieved an outstanding 67.17% result.

In this board you will find a beautiful declarer play from Gábor Macskásy making an overtrick in 4H.
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The second competition of our Summer Series is over and it was just as interesting as the first one. This time 21 pairs entered and in the end Brigitta Fischer and Gábor Macskásy became the happy owners of our victory bears. There was a close race between the top finishers, the sixth pair was only one topscore behind Fischer and Macskásy who couldn’t have felt their first place safe until the end of the day.
This week, the president of the Hungarian Bridge Federation, Géza Homonnay visited us as well. Playing with his son, Bálint Homonnay, they had some interesting boards including this one here. After an unusual bid, East landed in two spades and he had to find a way to make it. He started to play and with only five tricks left, he figured out South’s remaining cards and endplayed him. Could South have seen into the future, he surely would have played his ace of clubs earlier, to avoid his uncomfortable faith.
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The Palatinus bridge club started to use LoveBridge as soon as it was available and they’ve been regularly using it ever since. There is a tournament every Wednesday played on tablets with the main goal – besides playing bridge and having fun – of supporting Hungarian juniors. The event started in March and the concept is that a part of the entry fee is saved for various junior events so the young players have more opportunities to learn and improve their skills. By the end of June there were already 16 occasions and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. Each week the winners can go home with our signature prize, the victory bear on the picture.
victory bear
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SUMMER SERIES 2019 WEEK 1 25 June 2019

On the last week of June we held the first Tuesday tournament of the Summer Series ‘19. Sixteen pairs have played 26 boards, you can see the final results here.

imp image
Zsófia Bekő and Laura Érsek started well in the first round and were amongst the top pairs all the way through the tournament. Before the last round the top 3 pairs’ results were really close so Érsek and Bekő scored 100% on their last two boards to secure their first place.
Here you can see a nice declarer play from Laura Érsek making 3NT.
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BAM 17-18 June 2019

On the 17-18th of June 2019 was the first BAM competition played on tablets. On Monday there was a qualifier round robin with 13 teams and on the next day the best four teams played the in finals while the rest of the field played on the consolation event. The finalists played semifinal (15 boards) first and the winners played in the final (15 boards), KO style. It was a big surprise for everyone when the result of the final was a tie but according to the rules the team with the most total points got the first place.

The final result of the finals:

  1. Bárány: György Bárány, Gábor Demeter, Gergely Fazakas, László Harangozó, László Bíró
  2. Palatinus: Katalin Mezei, László Honti, Gábor Szőts, Dániel Tubak
  3. Budaörs 17: György Kuttner, Ferenc Zöld, Miklós Fris, Gergely Kovács
  4. Honyek: András Honyek, Balázs Mérei, Péter Hodosi, Csaba Szabó
Fortune favors the brave. This phrase is sometimes true in bridge as well. Here you can see a brave declarer play by Péter Hodosi.
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IMP PAIRS 4 June 2019

In 2019’s spring the first division of the IMP championship in Budapest was played on tablets. The eight weeks long event started in April and 32 pairs have participated. The Gábor Winkler – Miklós Dumbovich pair (on the pictures) was unstoppable during the championship. After the last week they won with 293 IMPs, which is more than twice as much, as the second pair László Szilágyi and Péter Talyigás finished with, who beat the third pair János Gellér and Dániel Tubak with 17 IMPs.
imp image
imp image
In this board not many pairs have reached 6D but Miklós Dumbovich was the only one making it after squeezing East in spades and clubs.
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MUNICH 5 May 2019

On the 5th of May 2019, we held an exhibition in a bridge club in Munich. The main reason for the event was to introduce the system to the German Bridge Federation, from where two vice-pesidents were present, the leader of the sport department, Ulf Schäfer and the leader of the public relations department, Kareen Schroeder. Schroeder has been a member of the national women’s team for more than 10 years, and later she started to coach and to be the npc of various German national teams.

Few tried LoveBridge in Munich, but Oleksander Friedmann with György Weisz turned out to be the best. József Harsányi and Peter Klein finished on the second place just a little bit behind the first pair and Kareen Schroeder with Petra von Malchus finished on the 3rd place.
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PULA SPRING 3 May 2019

Everybody knows and loves the Pula Bridge Festival in September, but some people might be unaware that there is another, smaller bridge festival in Pula in spring. Thanks to the organizers, LoveBridge had the opportunity to introduce itself in Croatia. Here you can see an interview with the winners of the experimental game at the 2019 spring Pula festival.
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MP 13-14 April 2019

mp image
In 2019 the finals of the Hungarian MP pairs championship were played on tablets. In the semifinal - on the first day of the two-days tournament - 28 pairs have been competing to qualify to the finals. The first twelve pairs had the opportunity to play in the “A” final for the Hungarian champion title.

The final result was surprising because the winner pair was a first-time champion Zoltán Kalmár and Dániel Nieland. They had a great head start, and they kept their first place until the end of the event.
Usually, when you look at the results of a board and you see that only one pair found the successful 5H save over a 5C, you will never know the story behind it.

In this board only half of the field found the 5C contract and Csaba Czímer with Tamás Szalka (players of the multiple times Hungarian champion team Galim) were the only pair bidding 5H over it. Although Géza Homonnay and Bálint Homonnay (the president of the Hungarian bridge federation and his son) played well, the doubled five hearts double went down only once, their result scored even less matchpoints in the board than the east-west pairs who didn’t reach the game and played in a part-score.
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18 February 2019
We are thankful for your many feedbacks, it really helps us improve the system. One of our new developments after the IBBF is that you are able to see the running scores on the tablet as well.

IBBF 13-17 February 2019

In February 2019, the 42nd International Budapest Bridge Festival was completely played on tablets. It was a five-day event, with mixed pairs, teams and open pairs tournaments. In the diverse field there were participants from 7 different countries. Thanks to the tablets and the closed screens, it was the quietest playing area during the rounds we have ever been to. The festival was more popular than last year with more participants in each category.
ibbf 2019
The mixed pairs tournament was held on Wednesday the 13th, the winners of the event were the Els Toutenel and Gergely Szentandrási, the silver medalist pair was Tímea Takács with Dániel Tubak, and Brigitta Fischer with Péter Talyigás finished on the third place.

In this board from the mixed pairs you can see an entertaining defense. In the second trick László Honti realized he has to take the trick with the ace of spades and return a heart. Declarer took it with dummy’s ace, crossed to her hand in spades and finessed the diamonds. Little did she know the king was offside when Honti played a small diamond. She crossed to her hand with the ace of clubs and tried to finesse in diamonds again but now Honti took the trick with the king, and defenders took all their tricks, the hearts and the king of clubs as well, this way the contract went down three times.

The teams tournament started on the next day. It was two days long with 22 teams. They played 11 rounds with 8 boards each.
  1. Bugris beltag
    (Gyula Argay – Gergely Siba – János Gellér – Dániel Tubak) (on the picture)
  2. Galim
    (Péter Gál – György Kemény – Péter Marjai – Csaba Szabó)
  3. Bucifej
    (Péter Fehér – Dániel Vikor – Milan Macura – Dániel Bakó)
The pairs tournament took place in the weekend, where 52 pairs were competing in the qualifiers. After the first day 16 pairs qualified to the final and we organized a consolation event to the others. Here are the results of the final and the consolation:


  1. Miklós Dumbovich – Gábor Winkler
  2. Péter Marjai – Csaba Szabó
  3. Adam Błachnio – Piotr Turowski


  1. András Pölöskei – Tamás Székelyhidi
  2. Zoltán Kalmás – Júlia Szalka
  3. Adam Suchodolski – Michał Wróblewski
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12 February 2019.
Players can now upload convention cards and see the opponents’ convention cards on the tablet as well. This way you won’t have to print a new one for every round, because you simply cannot lose it. You can also get your results via e-mail, if you set your e-mail address.
December 2018
We have finished developing the teams tournament feature, we are looking forward to the IBBF to let it prove itself in front an international audience.

MP 4 December 2018.

In 2018/2019 the first division of the MP championship in Budapest was played on tablets. 32 pairs every Tuesday for eight weeks were competing using LoveBridge. For the first time, it gave the players from lower divisions the opportunity to watch the best Hungarian players playing.

People could really see the advantages of being able to replay the boards. Directors had no problem deciding if there was a break in tempo, they could just check the time data on their tablets, everybody followed suit, the cards were never put back incorrectly to the board. There were no arguments between the players about what happened in a board, they could see exactly how other players have played a contract, and how they bid to reach it. It also made writing articles about the tournament much easier.

Congratulations to the winners of the championship Géza Homonnay and Gábor Winkler, Brigitta Fischer and Gábor Macskásy finished on the second place, and just a little bit behind them, with a really good result on the last day Péter Gál and György Kemény.

Let’s see some interesting boards from the tournament.

Here you can see a brilliant defense from the victorious Winkler – Homonnay pair. Opponents played 3H, and with an unusual technic, Winkler chose not to overruff the declarer, but to discard spades instead, thus making the contract going down twice.

This board was at the end of the last day, North-South (Sándor Jakab and László Sztrapkovics) really needed a good result, to stay in the first division. This is why South accepted the slam invitation despite having a bad distribution, and chose the no trump instead of playing in the 5-3 fit in hearts. The contract is not the most promising, but it’s not impossible. They can have five heart tricks, four diamonds and the ace of clubs. One of the spade honors can take a trick as well, and the twelfth trick can be the queen of clubs with and endplay.

After a heart lead Sztrapkovics took the trick with the jack, played 3 high hearts, and finessed the queen of spades and won the trick. Crossed to the dummy, took the rest of the hearts, and came back to his hand with the ace of diamonds. Now, the ten of diamonds is played, and east doesn’t have anything to discard. Either he discards a club, so the king wouldn’t take a trick, or a spade, and then after taking the king of spades, he must lead from the KJ of clubs.

Here you can see another interesting slam. After the precision bidding Magdolna Topolyi and Jácint Welker were the only pair playing 6C in this board. North was on lead, and unlucky for them, she couldn’t find the ace of spades lead, which was the only one, that could beat the slam. On the diamond lead, west found the winning play. Took the clubs, finessed the K of diamonds, and discarded a spade on the last one. Now she played the spade to North who found herself endplayed.
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November 2018
Many personal settings are now available to make the playing more comfortable. These settings will follow the players around in the room, so they don’t have to set it every time they move to another table. For example, to avoid misclicks in bidding we have the option for a player to take back their bid before it is visible to other players, and now they can choose how long this time should last, they can even choose not to have this option.

IMP 17 November 2018

The first national championship played on tablets were the finals and the semifinals of the 2018’s Hungarian IMP pairs championship. The winners of the finals are Dániel Gulyás and Balázs Kotányi, the players of the second-best pair are Gyula Argay and Gergely Siba, and Zsuzsanna Kerekes with Sándor Varga finished in the third place.
You can find an interesting board from the tournament here.
When there were still 8 cards in play, Dumbovich played the ace of clubs, to “eat” his partners king (that’s why it’s called the crocodile), to prevent his partner from being endplayed.
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In 2018 we had a chance in Orlando (15th Worlds Bridge Series) to show LoveBridge to some of the best bridge players in the world. It was a small 10 board tournament, where the players could experience how the system works and how does it feel to play without holding cards and being completely separated from your partner. In this tournament not only a closed screen separated the players, but they sat at completely different tables, North and East at one, and South with West at an other one. This way they could still discuss the bidding and carding with the opponent, but there was no chance that their partners would hear it. The winners of the event were Joe Grue and Brad Moss. The players enjoyed the LoveBridge tablets very much, "It was much better than expected" stated Boye Brogeland, who came second on this event with his partner, Ole Fuglestad. (On the picture: Peter Fredin and Joe Grue)
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August 2018
After our first tournament series in 2018 summer, we have redesigned our user interface based on the many feedbacks from the players. For example, we have developed a brand-new system for the players to see the cards after a trick for as long as they need, without holding up the game.

SUMMER SERIES 7-8 June 2018

In the summer of 2018 we have organized our first two LoveBridge tournament series, to present the system to the Hungarian bridge community. Both series were supposed to have 8-8 occasions during the span of eight weeks, one of them at the Böszörményi road, where you can find the official tournament room of the Hungarian Bridge Federation, the other one in the Palatinus Bridge Club. We are grateful for the Palatinus club, as they were the first bridge club to support us, and happily accommodated our test tournament with all the possible risks and inconveniences, but in the end, the tournaments were loved, and became very popular amongst the players. However, we've faced a small technical difficulty on the 7th week at the Böszörményi road. There was a power blackout. Still, our server was up and running, the tablets were charged as well, so it looked like the tournament can still be finished, but we had to send the players home after all, because they were bumping into the tables and chairs every time they tried to change to the next one. On the picture below you can see the happy winners of the first week in the Palatinus club.
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OSTEND 15 June 2018

During the 54th European Bridge Team Championships in Ostend we held a small exhibition, a ten-board tournament. Here, amongst the players some members of the WBF could have tried LoveBridge as well. In the video you can see, what a small tournament looks like on tablets, as well as the reaction of the players.
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29 April 2018
Our first tournament. Great expectations. The week before the event we were trying and testing the software at the venue. Volunteer bridge players came to help us to see if everything works well.
28 April 2018
We were honored when the president of the WBF, Gianarrigo Rona visited Hungary only to try and see LoveBridge. We have played a couple boards, Gál Hegedűs’ defense made the event memorable.
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