After a seemingly endless break in live play due to the COVID-19 pandemic finally there was a bridge tournament in Hungary. The 50th Miners’ Cup was held in Tatabánya, and for better safety the organizers decided to play the competition on tablets. The organizers were planning to have a huge tournament for this year’s anniversary, but the circumstances did not allow it.

The cup was played on the 15-16th of August on the weekend. On Saturday there was a teams tournament with 12 teams participating. They played 8 matches of 8 boards, here you can find all of the results of the first and the second session. The final rankings on the first 3 positions are the following:
  1. Pipacsi: György Kuttner - Csaba Címer - Zsuzsa Hámori - Hanka Lajos
  2. Dunaújváros: Barnabás Bánhegyi - Barnabás Bánhegyi ifj - Gábor Kállai - Gábor Rombauer
  3. Palatinus:Katalin Mezei - Ödön Dienes - László Honti - István Varga
On Sunday there was a pairs tournament with 40 pairs. However, all eyes were on 6 pairs. This was the first tournament for 6 juniors, who were the most diligent students from the online bridge course started by the federation in May. As soon as it was allowed, they had live trainings as well. This tournament was offered for the beginners as a prize for those, who participated in the most training sessions during the summer. They all played with one of their mentors, and they surpassed all expectations with their great performance. One of the beginners, Barnabás Tarcali finished on third place with his mentor, Péter Hodosi. József Földi and András Kovács got the second prize, and Levente Kaderják with László Molnár won the tournament.
Here is a nice move from Barnabás Tarcali. His opponent played 3NT, and his partner led the 6 of clubs by the rule of 11. After declarer took the trick with the king Janka Jalsovszky played a spade, and Tarcali overtook his partners winning 8 of spades, to be able to lead clubs from his hand to finesse declarer’s honors.
You can find all boards and results on our vugraph site.