The summer is not completely over yet, but our Summer Series has finished. 21 pairs played on the last day and they were not only competing for the first place of this competition, but also for the cumulated championship through the whole summer. The winners of the tournament are Gábor Macskásy with Gábor Szőts and with his last victory Macskásy became the most successful player of the ’19 Summer Series as well. The second best result of the eight weeks’ turned out to be a triple tie, Krisztián Tichler, István Kerti and Marcell Surányi finished with the same amount of points right behind Macskásy. You can find the results here.
We saw many interesting boards this week as well, let’s look at some of them.
Gábor Szőts in this board got the opportunity to make 9 tricks but he had to be careful to have enough communication between his hand and the dummy. Making the second overtrick in 1Nt resulted in 88,5%.
Here Gábor Macskásy realized that playing 5C in a pairs tournament will most likely be a bad board for them. This way going down in 6C couldn’t be much worse, so he risked bidding six in hope for a better result.