The seventh competition of the Summer Series is over and we have new winners. Out of the 22 pairs Ödön Dienes and László Sztrapkovics reached the highest percentage but there was a close fight between the best pairs until the end of the tournament.
This week’s boards were filled with the most interesting hands giving great bidding challenges to the players. The Hand of the Week was chosen out of them, the very last board:
East-West can easily make 13 tricks in hearts or clubs but they can’t really bid it since it depends on the heart finesse. North-South can try to save it in diamonds or spades but they should consider that they might as well push East-West into the grand slam. On the diagram above you can see László Honti’s save over 6 hearts. Not surprisingly there were many interesting solutions from both sides in this board and we are eager to hear what would you have done with these hands?