New week, new winners. Or we should rather say new winner, because one of the players from the victorious pair has already won a couple weeks ago, so she is not really new at winning. This time Brigitta Fischer won with Marcell Surányi.
Fischer is a member of the Hungarian U26 women team. They recently participated at the European Youth Teams championship, and they finished at the second place. Huge congratulations for the girls to the great result! We are very happy that they regularly play at our tournaments, raising the standards of the events.
They started very well and lead the field after 7 rounds, but from there they started to fall. The key move for finally winning happened in this board, when they played against their biggest rivals, Gábor Macskásy and László Honti. When Marcell Surányi opened the bidding with one heart, Fischer evaluated her cards right and didn’t force to game like some other Easts did. After her partner bid two hearts, she had to keep her temper once again and passed. Being the only pair stopping at two hearts they scored 90% and took the first place back.