We are already halfway trough our summer series, and the fourth week was full of great boards. 29 pairs showed up to compete for the first place and for the points to win the individual prize at the end of the summer. Now it’s almost a tradition that the last board changes the final rankings in the first 3 places. This week we saw a thrilling race again and the winners were Péter Gál and Gábor Macskásy. Sadly Péter Gál left the venue early so we couldn’t take a picture of him. With his result Macskásy is the first player who won twice.
This week’s play is a board you wouldn’t even notice scrolling trough the results. It’s just another part score deal, declarer scoring 61%. But it’s worth taking another look and giving it some thoughts, because Gábor Szőts’s defense is something you don’t see every day.
Winning the first trick with the ace was a good move from Brigitta Fischer then she took a round of spades and started to work on her diamonds. South won the trick with the ace and returned a heart. Declarer now played the eight of hearts, and at this point North realized if he takes the trick and returns a heart preparing a ruff for his partner, declarer can prevent it by taking the trick on the dummy and discarding a diamond on clubs. This way North could never win the trick with his diamond to lead a heart again, so he rather played a low card instead of taking the trick. Now they lost the chance to ruff, but got two heart tricks in the end. With this very hard to see move he took away declarer’s overtrick.

These little gems are the ones you would never know about without our vugraph where you can follow the table of anyone in the field.