The second competition of our Summer Series is over and it was just as interesting as the first one. This time 21 pairs entered and in the end Brigitta Fischer and Gábor Macskásy became the happy owners of our victory bears. There was a close race between the top finishers, the sixth pair was only one topscore behind Fischer and Macskásy who couldn’t have felt their first place safe until the end of the day.
This week, the president of the Hungarian Bridge Federation, Géza Homonnay visited us as well. Playing with his son, Bálint Homonnay, they had some interesting boards including this one here. After an unusual bid, East landed in two spades and he had to find a way to make it. He started to play and with only five tricks left, he figured out South’s remaining cards and endplayed him. Could South have seen into the future, he surely would have played his ace of clubs earlier, to avoid his uncomfortable faith.