In the summer of 2018 we have organized our first two LoveBridge tournament series, to present the system to the Hungarian bridge community. Both series were supposed to have 8-8 occasions during the span of eight weeks, one of them at the Böszörményi road, where you can find the official tournament room of the Hungarian Bridge Federation, the other one in the Palatinus Bridge Club. We are grateful for the Palatinus club, as they were the first bridge club to support us, and happily accommodated our test tournament with all the possible risks and inconveniences, but in the end, the tournaments were loved, and became very popular amongst the players. However, we've faced a small technical difficulty on the 7th week at the Böszörményi road. There was a power blackout. Still, our server was up and running, the tablets were charged as well, so it looked like the tournament can still be finished, but we had to send the players home after all, because they were bumping into the tables and chairs every time they tried to change to the next one. On the picture below you can see the happy winners of the first week in the Palatinus club.