In 2018 we had a chance in Orlando (15th Worlds Bridge Series) to show LoveBridge to some of the best bridge players in the world. It was a small 10 board tournament, where the players could experience how the system works and how does it feel to play without holding cards and being completely separated from your partner. In this tournament not only a closed screen separated the players, but they sat at completely different tables, North and East at one, and South with West at an other one. This way they could still discuss the bidding and carding with the opponent, but there was no chance that their partners would hear it. The winners of the event were Joe Grue and Brad Moss. The players enjoyed the LoveBridge tablets very much, "It was much better than expected" stated Boye Brogeland, who came second on this event with his partner, Ole Fuglestad. (On the picture: Peter Fredin and Joe Grue)