The 6th World Youth Open Championships were held in Opatija, Croatia and we had the honor to host the BAM tournament with the LoveBridge system. The 3-day event started with a qualification round on the first two days which began with 34 teams playing 28 boards. On the second day, the teams who couldn’t qualify to the semifinals of the IMP team events were added to the field. This way 50 teams were fighting to make it to the final where the fourteen teams with the best result decided who will be the BAM champion this year. The teams not qualifying got the chance to play in the B final where 34 teams participated.
Opatija 2019
The final rankings in group A:
  1. GREISNOR: – Christian Bakke, Ioannis Oikonomopoulos, Amir Ezion, Tomer Loonstein
  2. ITALIA U26: – Giovanni Donati, Roberto Sau, Giacomo Percario, Sebastiano Scata, Francesco Chiarandini, Alvaro Gaiotti
  3. SXNEBULA: – Jaihao Yang, Hanyang Dai, Tianyao Yan, Penghao Wang, Hao Xu, Yingqi Wang
The final rankings in group B:
  1. INDIA-B U26: – Babhrubahan Bose, Arya Chakraborty, Surajit Bar, Pradip Dey
  2. ITALIA 2: – Matteo Meregally, Alessandro Carletti, Maddalena Pelaggi, Annachiara Pelaggi
  3. FRANCE FUNBRIDGE: – Luc Bellicaud, Theo Guillemin, Clement Teil, Leo Rombaut
This was the biggest event played on tablets so far with more than 200 players. It was the first time for most of the juniors to play with the LoveBridge system, yet they found barely any trouble to use it. We got many positive feedbacks from the directors, they confidently used our system to see the line of play in the questionable boards, and the players found it useful as well that the directors know all the exact information about bidding, play and time management at the tables. We were happy to see that the participants were not afraid to use the settings and personalized their way of play. It wasn’t a surprise that everybody loved looking at the private scores and results whenever they had time for it.

We enjoyed our time at the BAM championship a lot and we would like to thank to the WBF for the opportunity and to the players for participating and making our first world championship a memorable one. We hope we will meet on many LoveBridge events in the future.

We made a couple short interviews to see what people think about a LoveBridge, you can see them yourselves in this video.

At first glance you wouldn’t even think that board 4 in I/B can be interesting. The contract was 2spades on several tables but whatever the declarers tried, the defenders had an answer. For example on the diagram above, you can see Ádám Magyar and Tamás Hoffmann squeezing dummy for the -2. It turned out to be a push board at the end, but still their play worth to look at.