In 2019 the finals of the Hungarian MP pairs championship were played on tablets. In the semifinal - on the first day of the two-days tournament - 28 pairs have been competing to qualify to the finals. The first twelve pairs had the opportunity to play in the “A” final for the Hungarian champion title.

The final result was surprising because the winner pair was a first-time champion Zoltán Kalmár and Dániel Nieland. They had a great head start, and they kept their first place until the end of the event.
mp image
Usually, when you look at the results of a board and you see that only one pair found the successful 5H save over a 5C, you will never know the story behind it.
In this board only half of the field found the 5C contract and Csaba Czímer with Tamás Szalka (players of the multiple times Hungarian champion team Galim) were the only pair bidding 5H over it. Although Géza Homonnay and Bálint Homonnay (the president of the Hungarian bridge federation and his son) played well, the doubled five hearts double went down only once, their result scored even less matchpoints in the board than the east-west pairs who didn’t reach the game and played in a part-score.