There are some events where the participants must meet some special criteria to register, such as mixed, senior etc. There is a tournament in Budapest with a very special criteria: to have at least a 20 years age gap between the players in the same pair. It is a nice way to get players together from different generations. One fifth of the participating pairs were father-son partnerships, some really young players, and unusual partnerships, to make this event so unique.

The best pair with big age difference this year was the Márton Berkes – Ödön Dienes pair, followed by András Pölöskei and László Szilágyi, with Csaba Czímer and Géza Szappanos on the third place.

Many interesting boards were played, here you can see one of them. Almost every pair played 3N in this board and it is not easy to make 10 tricks. The moral of the board is that even when things don’t go as planned you have to keep playing your best, and if you get the chance to take an extra trick with a lovely squeeze in the end, don’t miss your opportunity:
At other tables it was challenging even to take 9 tricks, here you can see and endplay from Dienes to take the 9th trick.