More than half of the Budapest Teams Championship is over and there is only one week left from the qualifier in the I/B division. In group A team CSILLAGVIRÁG can already relax, they will surely qualify to the major group while in the other group the 3 best teams are safe and there is only one qualifying place in question. In division I/A team GALIM is still at the top of the list but 2nd placed team VISOFT is closing the gap. There were many exciting boards this week as well, let’s take a look at some of them.
Róbert Zoller (Elastron) played 5from South in this board and he was the only one in the field who could score points as NS. Double dummy, to defeat the contract West should have attack the long suit of the declarer, clubs, and later East should have helped continuing the suit and promote the trump 7. Obviously this has not happened. After drawing the trumps from the opponents Zoller ruffed a spade with his last diamond and with this move, he nicely squeezed East between hearts and clubs.
Péter Marjai played this board well, he tried to catch South with Hx in hearts. This wasn’t the case but he still managed to put Ödön Dienes in a difficult situation. Dienes saw that if he let him alone, declarer will have nine tricks: three spades, three hearts, the Ace of diamonds and two clubs. So after taking the trick with his ace of clubs he envisioned the ten of diamonds into his partner’s hand and dully played the king and queen of diamonds. Declarer had no chance to make enough tricks in time.
Here you can see a watchful declarer play from Csaba Konkoly. Holding the last three cards he knew that West was left with a diamond and a heart, so playing his club must be safe but gives him some extra chance. If West had the king he was going to surrender a trick to dummy, but had East the king, he had to lead a spade giving an always valuable overtrick to the declarer.