Already 5 matches has been played in the Round Robins of the Budapest Teams Championships. The qualifier in division I/B is getting closer to the end, while division I/A is almost at the halftime. After the last round the rankings in I/B did not change, but the teams here still have a chance to improve in the following two weeks. In division I/A team GAMAX had a great victory thus taking over their opponent. Interestingly GAMAX still have not played all of their matches they should have, that is why they are standing on the fifth place, while they have the second highest VP average in the division.
It is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event that opponents bid four spades and you find yourself with the AKQJT9 of trumps. János Gellér doubled the contract easy heartedly which went down 5 times. In the other room Mihály Kovács was holding the strong spades and with no spade support from his partner he played 3NT. Csaba Konkoly led the ace and king of diamonds but did not continue the suit to prevent declarer getting an extra trick there. He continued with the king of hearts and declarer didn’t guess right which finesse works, the double heart or the “simple” club, so 3NT went down as well.
György Kuttner had better luck in the same contract: after the ace and king of diamonds South played his third diamond and now declarer not only could make the contract, but he managed to squeeze South for the overtrick.