The fourth week of the Budapest Teams Championship is over. Now that we know more than 1/3 of the I/A round robin’s and more than half of the I/B qualifier’s results, we have a better idea about the shape of the teams in each group. In division I/A six teams’ average VPs are above 11, but the team with the highest average: GAMAX with 14.30 has only played 3 matches yet. In division I/B all the teams have played all their matches, in group A four, in group B 5 teams have greater than 10 VPs average.
In this board Gábor Winkler chose an unusual bid; he opened with 3♣. West bid 3NT and after North’s pass István Varga found himself in an uncomfortable situation. He couldn’t find an optimal bid to describe his hand, but if his partner has a gambling hand, they might even make 3NT or they only go down once and playing any major could end up in a catastrophe (imagine a double from South). Varga passed and lost 7 imps. Though his partner had two club tricks, he went down 5 times in 3NT but the opponents on the other table only twice in 4♠ after an uncontested auction.
Here you can see a nice defense from Gábor Macskásy. With the last five cards in his hand, he had to guess right who has the jack of diamonds. In the end he made the right decision and with this crocodile coup the contract went down three times.