This week the 3rd round of Budapest Teams Championship was held, and all the group leaders kept their place. In I/A team Galim lost for the first time - by 1 IMP against team Elastron – but they are still almost 10 VPs ahead of the 2nd. In the Group A of I/B team Csillagvirág proved that their place is at the top of their group collecting 20 VPs against one of the favorites. In Group B team Ecosoft won 17.41 VPs, this was their worst(!) result so far. With their strong performance they are leading the field by almost 20 VPs, seems like they don’t want to leave decision about qualifying to I/A to the last minute.
This time, the board of the week is about bidding. András Budinszky and András Talyigás reached the grand slam on this board using 17 bids, which is quite a lot, considering there are only 35 possible bids in the bidding box. Opening with a precision 1♣ East started a relay sequence and he had enough space to learn almost every card West held. First, he discovered the 4-5-3-1 distribution, the 11+ points and the 0 aces (4♦). Later West showed the queen of hearts and the king of spades and denied the king of diamonds. East still wanted to know West’s remaining honors to see if there are 13 easy tricks in 7NT or should they play the safer 7♥. West promised the queen of spades, the jack of hearts and denied the queen of diamonds and the jack of spades so he had to have the king of clubs to have 11 points. Knowing all this, East decided to bid 7♥ and claimed right after drawing the trumps.
Here is another interesting situation, after the seven of diamonds lead, how do you plan to make 3NT, which card would you play from dummy?