The second round of the Budapest Teams Championship was just as interesting as the first one. In division I/A the 12 teams will play a full round robin and after the second week team GALIM is leading, with two big wins they are 12 VPs ahead of the second team. In division I/B the field is separated into two groups with 8-8 teams each, playing a 7 weeks long qualification at first. In one of the groups they have a team with a significant lead as well, team ECOSOFT is almost a 10VPs away from the rest of the field. The other group seems to be more balanced with team CSILLAGVIRÁG on the front. You can find all results here: I/A - I/B. Let’s see an interesting board from this week.
E-W can make 12 tricks in hearts, spades or NT, but only 3 pairs reached the slam. At the table above Balázs Kotányi played 3NT and managed to get all the tricks by squeezing North. However, László Marcin could have avoided his fate, if he had led a diamond honor instead of a small diamond. After leading a small one his partner had to play the jack in the first round, and he was stuck with the sole guard of both minors.
Here is another interesting situation, after the seven of diamonds lead, how do you plan to make 3NT, which card would you play from dummy?