The Budapest Teams Championship has come to an end. In the I/A division team GALIM won against team VISOFT but they didn’t score enough VPs to overtake their rival, so VISOFT became the champion. The six best teams qualified to the Hungarian Teams Championship, congratulations to all teams:
  1. VISOFT: Gyula Bódis – Hanka Lajos - László Szilágyi - Villő Szűcs - Péter Talyigás
  2. GALIM: Péter Gál - Csaba Czímer - György Kemény - Péter Marjai - Csaba Szabó - Tamás Szalka
  3. GAMAX: Géza Homonnay - Miklós Dumbovich - Bálint Homonnay - Péter Lakatos - Gábor Winkler
  4. FÉSZEK: Péter Bárczy - Gergely Dombi - János Gellér - András Honyek - Csaba Konkoly - Dániel Tubak
  5. BUDAÖRS 17: Gergely Kovács - Miklós Fris - László Harangozó - György Kuttner - András Riesz - Gábor Szőts - Ferenc Zöld
  6. TMX: Balázs Kotányi - Brigitta Fischer - Dániel Gulyás - Gábor Macskásy
In the I/B division – with the result of a postponed match – team P-T started the last round from the second place with only 9 VPs behind the leader. Team ECOSOFT retained the first place with a victory this week and they became the champions of their division. The medalist teams are
  1. ECOSOFT: Bence Bozzai - Gábor Kiss - Márton Kovács - Marcell Surányi - Máté Vági
  2. P-T: András Fogaras - József Földi - István Gerő - László Hittmann - György Szőnyi - István Tóth - László Vinkler
  3. GRAND SLAM: Gyula Argay - Zoltán Fülöp - Zsuzsa Hámori - László Jakus - Tamás Rózsa - Gergely Siba
Sometimes it happens that you play for the best chance in a suit and it still doesn’t work out. You can see an example in this board. The small heart lead promised a doubleton and Miklós Dumovich’s plan was to finesse in spades twice using the king of hearts and a club ruff as entries and play diamonds for two losers. The finesse didn’t work but at least the ten appeared on the spade return. He had a new entry to dummy with the nine to finesse the king of clubs, but now he could afford only one diamond loser. The best way to lose only one diamond is the intra finesse: lead the eight from your hand to dummy, then play the jack trying to pin the 10. The cards were dealt differently in this case and with the chosen line of play, Dumbovich was one of the few declarers who went down in four spades.