The Budapest Teams Championship has started, and you can follow everything that’s happening in the divisions I/A with 12 teams and I/B with 16 teams. We were excited about the first week, because this was the first time for the I/B division to play on tablets as well. Luckily most of the players were familiar with the system, since they had many opportunities to try it already. Here you can see the results of division I/A and I/B.
At first glance you wouldn’t even think that board 4 in I/B can be interesting. The contract was 2spades on several tables but whatever the declarers tried, the defenders had an answer. For example on the diagram above, you can see Ádám Magyar and Tamás Hoffmann squeezing dummy for the -2. It turned out to be a push board at the end, but still their play worth to look at.