After eight exciting weeks the Budapest MP Championship has come to an end. The two top divisions were played on LoveBridge, let’s see the results and a little insight into the details.

The top three finishers in the I/A division:
  1. Miklós Dumbovich - Gábor Winkler
  2. Ödön Dienes – László Harangozó
  3. János Gellér - Dániel Tubak
The medalists in the I/B division:
  1. Miklós Fris - Gergely Kovács
  2. Gyula Bódis - Marcell Surányi
  3. Levente Kaderják - László Molnár
For the final standings click: I/A division and I/B division

Congratulations to all!

All the bridge experts know the Dumbovich-Winkler pair. The Hungarian field thinks about them as players having excellent declarer skills whose defense is even better.

Many of you know that we created a site presenting statistics about tournaments played on LoveBridge, the Budapest MP Championship is no exception. Let’s see how good the champs were on this tournament according to our statistics:

Winkler was declarer 47 times and he made 35 of his contracts, which makes him the 7th on the list of the most frequently making declarers. Dumbovich made 49 contracts out of the 66 he played, with this result he is the 8th on the same list. In average Dumbovich achieved 57.13% as declarer making him the best in the field, while Winkler got 55.66% in average, ranking 5th here.

As defenders they get 57.37% in average. With this result they were the 2nd best defenders on this championship right behind the silver medalists, Dienes - Harangozó.

We counted how many tricks did each player lose as declarer during the eight weeks. Dumbovich has lost 0.48 tricks per board in average, which makes him the 19th, and Winkler is not in the top 20 (only the 20 best results are public in our statistics, but the players can find their own results after they log in). According to the stats they are not amongst the top 20 opening leaders. However, when defending, Dumbovich played the least amount of trick losing cards!

Dumbovich usually made 0.29 tricks more as declarer than what was expected – comparing to the double dummy analysis –, while the same value in case of Winkler is 0.28. With these results they are on the 9-10th place in this statistic. If we compare their results to the double dummy solver only after the lead, Dumbovich is the third with +0.8 tricks.

As defenders, they took 0.07 more tricks than possible double dummy and they increase this value to 0.27 if we check it after the opening lead.

If we only look at their bidding, they usually reached a contract where the average result in that board was 54.04% for those who played this contract.

Dumbovich in average got 6.06% more than the other declarers playing the same contract, while Winkler got 4.72% more than others.

You can see all of the statistics about this championship on our statistics website.