Two weeks, that is, two rounds are left from the Budapest MP Championships. In the I/A division the first two pairs have a small lead, but the rest of the field is quite close. An extreme result can cause more than ten place difference on the leaderboard for almost everyone. Miklós Dumbovich and Gábor Winkler are currently on the first place (just like in the past four weeks) with 56.47%, Ödön Dienes and László Harangozó has reached the second place with 54.22%, the best pair chasing after them is János Gellér and Dániel Tubak with 52.74%.

In the I/B division Miklós Fris and Gergely Kovács are on the top of the leaderboard with 55.01% followed by Gyula Bódis and Marcell Surányi with 53.22% with Levente Kaderják and László Molnár on the third place with 53.10% right behind them.

Here we come with an imaginative defense:
Almost everyone led a spade from South against the no trump contracts, but at this table the opener knew better from the bidding. Béla Benedek attacked the contract with the ace and queen of diamonds. Now North had all the high diamonds, he only had to gain the lead somehow. Declarer ran his hearts and after finessing the queen of spades he switched to the jack of clubs. This creative play could have been successful weren’t South been on the spot. However, Benedek knew that his partner’s only chance to take a trick is in clubs. He envisioned the nine of clubs in North’s hand so discarded the ten under the ace and played small on the next club. Imre András won the trick with the nine and cashed his diamonds. Great plan, good execution, well done!