On the 14th of January the fifth round of the Budapest MP championship was played and in both divisions, the daily winners were expected to perform better in the earlier rounds. The winner of this Tuesday in the I/A division is the László Szilágyi - Péter Talyigás pair and with this victory they overtook 11 pairs on the overall leaderboard closing the gap between them and the leaders. In the I/B division, the first place went to Zsuzsanna Kerekes and Sándor Varga, they are now on a qualifying place to the I/A division with their great result (best six succeeds).
It rarely happens in bridge that each player plays the best card possible (according to double dummy analysis) through a whole board. Still, this board was played “perfectly” for a while. Gábor Macskásy opened with a club, small from dummy, Brigitta Fischer followed with the ten and declarer won with the king. Orsolya Hegedüs played the ace of diamonds and discarded a club from dummy. She continued with a diamond ruff then returned a spade to her queen which South took with the king. Macskásy led another club and Fischer won the trick with the jack after the eight from West. She played the ace of clubs, declarer and South both discarding spades. Then she led her last spade and Hegedüs took it with a small heart. She ruffed a diamond on dummy and ruffed a spade in her hand while Fischer discarded her jack of diamonds. So far so good. Declarer now “put a diamond on the table*” and South found himself in an interesting position:
Holding the J432 of trumps in his hand the contract would have only gone down if he had ruffed with the jack (a highly counter intuitive move), then Hegedüs has to lose one more heart. Unfortunately, he chose a small heart letting dummy’s nine take a trick and now declarer could crossruff with the high trumps.

*: remember, they were playing on tablets 😊