After a couple weeks of holiday, the Budapest MP Championship continues. The fourth round was played this week, so we are exactly halfway through the championship. Miklós Fris and Gergely Kovács won this week’s session in the I/B division with 68% and with this outstanding result they took the first place on the leaderboard. The 6 best pairs from the I/B division will qualify to I/A for next year.

The winners of this week in the I/A division are Csaba Czímer and Tamás Szalka. They didn’t have good results at the first weeks of the championship, maybe their luck has turned now and they still have enough time to climb higher on the leaderboard.
mp week 4
Gábor Macskásy played 3N in this board. He took the spade lead with the jack and played the king of diamonds. When his opponents ducked this, he switched to hearts and East won with the king. After taking the jack of clubs return in his hand with the ace, he led a diamond to the queen and played another small heart.
East won and insisted on clubs. Declarer played the king and cashed the queen of hearts, and now double dummy it seemed he will only have 3 heart tricks and has to lose 3 clubs at the end, having no entry to the high spades. But on the queen of hearts his opponent didn’t see Macskásy’s sad fate yet, and he made the mistake of not unblocking his ten of hearts, so declarer endplayed him leading his nine of hearts.
Ádám Magyar has fought hard to get 10 tricks in this 3. East led a diamond, and after a low card from dummy his opponent won the first trick with the 10. He returned his singleton spade and declarer played his ace. Magyar cashed his two high trumps and led a club to dummy’s king. West took the trick with the ace and played a diamond. He didn’t realize that with this play he gives a chance to make an overtrick and that is exactly what happened. Declarer ruffed the diamond, crossed to dummy with the queen of clubs, ruffed another diamond and now he just had to lose the queen of hearts to East, who had only spades left. This way Magyar got his tenth trick with the jack of spades.
mp week 4