The last round before Christmas was played in the Budapest MP Championship on Tuesday. The winners of this week’s session are currently in the first place on the overall leaderboard in both divisions. In the I/A division Miklós Dumbovich and Gábor Winkler have the best result so far, the second pair is János Gellér with Dániel Tubak and László Honti and Katalin Mezei are on the third place.

Balázs Kovács and Péter Scharnitzky are leading the I/B division followed by István Nagy and Csaba Papp, István Balásy and Katalin Tihanyi are third.
You can see a very nice defense at the end of this board. In the four card ending declarer played a heart and South realized the only way to take all the remaining tricks if he doesn’t let his partner win the trick with the king. So, he played his ace executing the crocodile coup to avoid the blocking in hearts.