After the second round of the Budapest MP Championship every pair played against every other in their division. In the I/A division Péter Hodosi achieved the highest percent with his substitute partner Csaba Konkoly, in the I/B division Botond and László Kelen had the strongest result. Currently the top 3 pairs in the divisions are:
I/A division:
  • János Gellér – Dániel Tubak
  • Imre András – Béla Benedek
  • Miklós Dumbovich – Gábor Winkler
I/B division:
  • István Balásy – Katalin Tihanyi
  • Zsolt Dörnyei – András Riesz
  • Péter Fehér – Dániel Vikor
East-West can take 12 tricks in hearts in this board, but only 5 declarers out of the 16 managed to score 480. At two tables they played 3N, at one table they played 6♠ and the rest of the field took only 11 tricks in hearts. Here is an example how to take 12 tricks.
After the spade lead declarer played the hearts, South took the second round, and returned a spade. Tamás Szalka played a small spade from his hand, and ruffed it on dummy, then took the last trump from the defenders. On the queen of clubs South played the king and declarer won with the ace. He played his high spades and discarded two small clubs from dummy. He then returned to dummy with the club and playing his last two trumps and squeezed South for the 12th trick.
(In the defense of declarers who took only 11 tricks: On several tables South returned a diamond after winning the ace of hearts giving declarers an immediate decision about the minor suit kings.)
mp week 2