As the teams championship finished, the Budapest MP Pairs Championship has started. This is the one-year anniversary for the Hungarian federation using LoveBridge, the very same championship last year was the first one ever played on tablets. The I/A and the I/B divisions are both broadcasted on our vugraph site. 16 tables will compete in both divisions for eight weeks and you can follow all of them each Tuesday from 18:00 (except for the Holidays).

In the first week of the championship everyone played 2 boards against half of their field. In the I/A division the first three pairs are (in order) Imre András – Béla Benedek, Péter Gál – György Kemény and János Gellér-Dániel Tubak. In the I/B division Péter Antal – Géza Reichardt, Zsolt Dörnyei – Riesz András and István Balási – Katalin Tihanyi are on the top of the leaderboard.
Andrea Sinkovicz played 3N in this board. The Q was a good lead, but after taking the second trick with the K East had little chance to know, that the small club return would be the only one to defeat the contract. He led a spade and now Sinkovicz found a pretty line to make 9 tricks. She won with the ace and started to play diamonds. West took the second round and returned a heart. Declarer took it with the ace and played her last diamond. Now North could find a winning play on East’s any discard. Eventually East decided to get rid of his small club, so declarer discarded a small club from dummy as well. She then took her high spades, the ace of clubs and finally endplayed East with the spade.