On the 17-18th of June 2019 was the first BAM competition played on tablets. On Monday there was a qualifier round robin with 13 teams and on the next day the best four teams played the in finals while the rest of the field played on the consolation event. The finalists played semifinal (15 boards) first and the winners played in the final (15 boards), KO style. It was a big surprise for everyone when the result of the final was a tie but according to the rules the team with the most total points got the first place.

The final result of the finals:
  1. Bárány: György Bárány, Gábor Demeter, Gergely Fazakas, László Harangozó, László Bíró
  2. Palatinus: Katalin Mezei, László Honti, Gábor Szőts, Dániel Tubak
  3. Budaörs 17: György Kuttner, Ferenc Zöld, Miklós Fris, Gergely Kovács
  4. Honyek: András Honyek, Balázs Mérei, Péter Hodosi, Csaba Szabó
Fortune favors the brave. This phrase is sometimes true in bridge as well. Here you can see a brave declarer play by Péter Hodosi.